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34 Random Thoughts About Fitness Marketing and Sales


Fitness Marketing tips. A Post By Pat Rigsby


I’ve been moving between 3 seperate projects today and my mind is bouncing from one thought to the next, so I thought I’d share.


Generating Leads

Newspaper Ads


1. Get on the right hand page
2. Don’t use your business name in the headline
3. A good headline makes (or breaks) your ad
4. Negotiate on ad price – they WILL negotiate
5. Have a call to action

Direct Mail

6. A good headline makes (or breaks) your mailing – sound familiar
7. The first paragraph has to be great to get the prospect to continue reading
8. The P.S. is the next most important component of a successful letter
9. Test, test, test
10. A mailing to your house list is best, and endorsed mailing second best and a targeted list form InfoUSA or a similar list broker third.
11. Have a call to action – sound familiar again

Strategic Allainces

12. Don’t be afraid to ask
13. Create a win/win situation
14. Only work with people that have the right customer base, run a business that you feel comfortable associating yourself with and aren’t assholes.


15. Earn the referral
16. Ask for the referral
17. Reward the referring action
18. Reward the referral again when the referred prospect buys
19. Remember how much it would cost to acquire a new client through advertising when rewarding a referrer

Conversion Rates – Turning Prospects Into Clients

20. Offer a guarantee
21. Have a USP
22. Have more than one type of offering – Semi-private, bootcamps and group weight management all can help you convert more prospects
23. Make it easy to buy – use EFT billing so payments can be spread out
24. Have plenty of testimonials handy – social proof is crucial
25. Try before you buy – as opposed to what some people think, free sessions are a great idea. If your average package is $1000, wouldn’t you expect someone to want to know what they’re spending a thousand bucks on?
26. Use a sales script
27. Test different sales presentations – we changed 1 step and increased our average transaction buy $400.
28. Spend more time listening than talking
29. As Jim Labadie says…find their pain
30. Educate on value, not price
31. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale
32. Don’t be afraid to ask for a BIG sale
33. Target better prospects
34. Track everything – close rates, avg. deal size, etc.


I’ll post some other Fitness Marketing ideas tomorrow.

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