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5 Habits Of Highly Successful Fitness Business Owners

Success doesn’t come easy but unfortunately we live in a world where people are entitled to think that they deserve instant results.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting an immediately return, it’s what we are trained to do now with all of the instant gratification that exists.

Jen Sinkler recently wrote a great post about this regarding fitness, but it’s relevant to business as well.  You can find it HERE.

However, when it comes to business you need to be consistent, you need to focus on building your business around principles and you need to build habits.

You’ve got access to our 5 Alignment Principles™ to build your business around, but what are the habits that you need to focus on building to really have success?

5 Habits Of High Successful Fitness Business Owners

1. Prioritize

2. Execution

3. Delegation

4. Accountability

5. Forward Thinking

Let’s take a deeper look at each of these habits and how to engrain them in your routine.



The reason you find yourself in a constant tangle of tasks, to-dos and putting out fires is most likely due to your inability to prioritize.

Without having clear priorities everything seems important the moment it hits your radar.

A client sends an email… that’s important

Your trainer has a question…that’s important

There’s no marketing plan in place for next month..that’s important too!

But, they can’t all be at the top of your list and you can’t possible tackle everything at once.

Often times people ask “How do you get it all done?”

The answer is YOU DON’T!

Something will always pop up if you let it so you have to know what deserves your attention and how to prioritize it on your list.

There’s going to be times that something important will have to wait a day, a week, or even longer.

To start prioritizing you need to know where you are going and clearly communicate your vision.  Once you know this you can break down the most important actions that you need to take so that you are moving towards that vision.

We call them “ROCKS”.

The day-to-day tasks of running your business still need to get done, but all the other stuff doesn’t need to knock you off track.

To help you get in the habit of prioritizing better start the week by writing out your top priorities in order, no more than 3, for the week and keep those in front of you.

When you write it down you can go back to it when things get a little crazy and need soemthing to get you focused.


Personal Trainer Marketing

No question about it, successful people get stuff done!

We actually have two qualifiers for ‘done’ though…

Be thorough and be complete.

This way you know that you don’t have to come back to it and do ‘re-work’.

It’s easy to get caught up multi-tasking or take a project to almost done.

You should avoid both of those as much as possible.  Stay focused on the task at hand, close your web browsers, shut off your phone, and don’t let anyone distract you.

Then when you finally have it done comb over it to make sure you didn’t miss any details.

Especially when creating systems or processes!

A few extra minutes on a project the first time around can save you hours upon hours or frustrating work later.

To get in the habit of executing at a higher level keep your list shorter, it ties to your priorities but keep your to-do list in check and only commit to getting done what you can truly get done.

It’s a challenge, but you need to start learning to say no at times.


Speaking of documenting systems…

You can’t do it all, so the best of the best find great people to help them out.  As a business owner it’s your job to get some of the tasks eating up your valuable time off your plate and get someone that is better served to do them.

That doesn’t mean you can delegate all the tasks you don’t like doing, but you need to make sure that you are spending your time on the most important things for the business.

The things that only you can be doing.

Chances are that you feel a bit overworked.  That’s not good for anyone, including your clients.  As a business owner you need to understand your limits and be able to keep yourself fresh so that you are operating at the highest level.

That may change overtime as well.  Back in my early 20’s I could run all day on just a few hours of sleep and put in 16 hour days without a problem.  Now I’ve got to be much more protective of my time and energy.  I need more sleep and I need to be able to feel refreshed when our team counts on me to do my best work.

This is one of the toughest habits to start as a business owner, but once you get it down it becomes addictive!

Start by picking one task that you are doing in the next week and creating a simple process using our DDV System™ to help you outline the process. Then pick someone from your team to delegate that activity to and make sure you hold them accountable.

If you did this each week you’d have a lot less on your plate and you’d be able to focus more on your business.



One of our Core Values at FCG is “Do What We Say We’re Going To Do”.  We take accountability seriously.

It’s also one of the biggest challenges that business owners face.  You think there’s no one to be accountable to, but you’re wrong.

As the business owner you’re accountable to your team and to your clients.  Everyone relies on you to ensure the business is healthy and successful.  Without that there’s no place for them to train and your team is out of work.

Sound a little overwhelming, right?

That’s why so many successful business owners hire a coach to help them stay accountable.  In fact, accountability is one of the benefits to our Accelerator Coaching Program, that and having a system to run your business around so that you can stop guessing.

Having an accountability chart in your business will help tremendously.  It’s much more than the layout of your organizational hierarchy. An accountability chart will lay out the chain of communication within your business so that your team knows who is responsible for each area and who to communicate with when needed.

Once you have this clearly documented and communicated you can hold people accountable and they can help hold you accountable.

One easy way to start the habit of accountability is to track the ‘to-do’s’ that come out of your meetings.  These to-do’s should be assigned to someone and they need to report back at your next meeting on ‘done or not done’.  By tracking the percentage of your to-do’s that are being completed you’ll start to reinforce the habit of accountability.


Forward Thinking


Every business owner has failures.  It’s a part of the process.

The successful ones discover how to learn from them, move and and look ahead.

Being able to keep your focus on the future and being able to stay focused on the next step to get there is critical for success.  The best business owners are able to think a few steps ahead of the competition to set their business up for success.

They are acting instead of reacting.

How do you do this?

First you need to take time to focus on the big picture of your business.  Our Leadership team takes Clarity Breaks each week to focus on big picture/forward thinking.  They get out of their offices and take 30 minutes to an hour to simple think about where we need to be going.

You should do the same thing.

Take a pen and piece of paper and head out of the gym/office this week.  Go somewhere that you can be uninterrupted and just write down your goals and think about your vision. Often times you’ll find that by simply escaping the day to day tasks and hustle and bustle you’ll gain a ton of clarity.

You won’t always get a great idea from this but you’ll be refreshed and ready to keep moving forward with your business.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by thinking you need to put all of these habits in place tomorrow. Remember, consistency is key and success won’t come overnight.  Try picking just one for this coming week and focus on making it stick over the course of the next month.

You’ll be a better business owner for it!

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