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9 Things to Remember About Personal Training Sales


Personal Training Sales key points. A Post By Jim Labadie


If there’s one thing I used to dread even thinking about “way back when” it was personal training sales.

I used to cringe at the thought of having to sell something. More specifically, training.

These days it’s a much different story. At Boot Camp Boot Camp in September I made sure the audience understood something very clearly:

If you want to give me, Pat, Nick or BJ money we’re going to take it.


We will stop what we’re doing and we will find a way to exchange value. You will give us money and we will give you something valuable in return.

You see, that’s what people – nevermind trainers – don’t get. Personal training sales is nothing more than value being traded.

And that’s why I have zero cares in the world when it comes to sales these days. I’ll sell you anything I possibly can that is valuable.

Will I sell you crap? No. Will I sell anything just to make a buck? No.

But if you want to exchange your money for something I know is going to help you, well, I’m more than happy to get the deal done right away.

Look, you might not be there right now, but you cannot last as a fitness entrepreneur if you cannot sell. If you dread the thought of asking someone for money you’re in a lot of trouble.

So here are some things to constantly remind yourself about personal training sales and money. Burn them into your brain. And feel free to add your own in the comments below.

  1. If I don’t sell people on fitness/my company, who will?
  2. Sales is nothing more than a value for value exchange.
  3. Nothing happens until something gets sold.
  4. It’s NEVER a sale until the money is in my hand.
  5. People can spend their money on anything, so when they want to give it to me I TAKE IT right away.
  6. The people who associate the word “sales” with used car salesman are almost always broke ass broke themselves.
  7. If you want to give me money for a fair exchange of value I’m going to find a way to take it right then and there.
  8. I love to sell stuff.
  9. Successful entrepreneurs that CANNOT sell DO NOT exist.

I’d suggest re-reading #9 if you want consistent personal training sales- a lot.

Jim Labadie

Jim Labadie is the CEO of Prograde Nutrition a nutritional products company created specifically for fitness professionals. He is also co-owner of Ultimate Business Systems which provides business coaching services and products to personal trainers. His newsletters, products and coaching continue to encourage personal trainers to leave the Meat Head image behind and be viewed as experts in a world that desperately needs their help. You can follow his every move on Twitter and friend him on Facebook.

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