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A New Approach to Density Training

Training On The Minute:
A New Approach To Density Training

Tyler English 1

By Tyler English

“EMOM” or “Every Minute on the Minute” has become a very popular phrase recently among my coaching staff and clients at TEF.

For most of my clientele the ultimate goal isn’t to lift the largest amount of weight possible, but instead, increase the work capacity over the entire session.

To stay-at-home-mothers, business owners and your typical gen pop client, increasing the density of a training session is always a win-win.

High Energy Exercise

Think of it this way. Your typical everyday fat loss client doesn’t know what their 1RM Squat, Press or Deadlift happens to be and the probably don’t care all that much. Sure, they achieve plenty of PR’s along the way, but for most of my clients, it’s about the body transformation.

Now there are many ways to increase the density of a program, but by increasing the overall work capacity, while increasing the anaerobic and aerobic threshold of the program, can lend more bang for your fat loss client’s buck. With training with an EMOM approach, you can get help clients build lean muscle while burning a greater amount of body fat, especially due to the post workout spike in EPOC.

Working Out

There are numerous ways you can implement the “on-the-minute” training. For me and my clients, we either train on the minute, alternate between even and odd minutes for two exercises, or we implement EMOM “on the half minute.”

I’ll typically use a single movement or a combination of two movements in a superset format.

Let’s take a look at how you can take your client’s program to a new level with EMOM Training.

Core Training

1) Integrated Core Movement (Ex. DB Renegade Row, Farmer Walks)

3 x 8 (EMOM – For 3 minutes)

The client would complete 3 sets performing work at every minute.

Farmers Walk

Power Development

1) Integrated Power Movement (KB Swings, Loaded Jumps, etc.)

6 x 4 (EMOM – On the Half Minute – For 3 minutes)

The client is performing a set every 30 seconds, for a total of 6 sets.

Kettlebell Swing

Strength Development

1) Compound Movement (Deadlifts, Squats, Presses, Chins, etc)

6 x 6 (EMOM – 6 minutes)

I’m a big fan of allowing clients one major compound lift to focus on before implementing a typical MRT program.

Back Sqaut

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT)

1A) Total Body / Hybrid Movement (DB Squat & Press, Sandbag Clean, KB Lunge & Press, etc)

1B) Upper Body Pull (Chin, Row Variation)


1A) Sandbag Clean – Even Minutes x 8

1B) Chin Up – Odd Minutes x 6

Chin Up

EMOM – 10 Minutes

Rest 2 Minutes

2A) Pull (KB High Pull, BB Row, Pull-up, Inverted Row, etc)

2B) Push (Push-up, DB OH Press, Sandbag Press)


2A) KB High Pull – Even Minutes x 12

2B) DB OH Press – Odd Minutes x 12

EMOM – 8 Minutes

Rest 1 Minute

3A) Energy System Development (Sled Variations, Bodyweight)

3B) Core Variation (Valslide Bodysaw, TRX Atomic Crunch, etc)


3A) Sled Push – Even Minutes x 30 yards

3B) Hanging Knee Raise – Odd Minutes x 10

EMOM – 6 Minutes

Remember, this is a small sample size of the possibilities when implementing EMOM training. You can also implement competing exercises, as I have had great success with in my more advanced clients, as well as increasing the work capacity with longer supersets.

As always, when programming, be smart, be effective and have fun with it.



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