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An Inspirational Tale of Two Fitness Pros


A Post on An Inspirational Tale of Two Fitness Pros By Jim Labadie


Recently my good friend Nick Berry interviewed one of my favorite customers – Jeremy Nelms.

Jeremy and his wife Alissa are two of the best people you could ever meet. I’m thrilled for them and just as happy for you.


Because Nick got Jeremy to reveal many of his tops profit building strategies in just 30 minutes and you get to listen at zero cost!

This is just some of what you will discover about these Fitness Pros:

How they uses a email auto-responders to fill their camp (once it’s set up there’s no more work!)

The secrets to his marketing education

The biggest mistakes they have made and how you can avoid them

Referral system and strategies guaranteed to work

How these fitness pros became THE boot camp in their community

Public speaking tips – how to become a great speaker FAST

How to work with the media to get the word out about your fitness business – almost overnight!

The keys to backend moolah making

And much, much more!

You can even download the entire audio and put it on your iPod. Listen to it while you’re working out for some serious education and inspiration!

Get inspired this weekend!

– Jim


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