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And A Special Thanks To These Fitness Professionals…


A post On Why You Need To Follow Successful Fitness Professionals


I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to these amazing Fitness Professionals; Craig Ballantyne at, Bill Hartman at and Alwyn Cosgrove at These guys that I’ve always looked up to as the leaders in the fitness industry all were kind enough to give me and the Fitness Riches book a plug on their blogs recently. Man, do you want to talk about feeling honored. These guys are the best our industry has to offer. That is exactly why I love working in the fitness industry.

If you are wanting to take a quantum leap forward in your fitness business I can’t suggest strongly enough that you study these Fitness Professionals. Go to their blogs, check out their websites, read their articles and get their products. Success leaves clues. Study what they do and find a way to model it. You’ll find yourself on the fast track in no time.

Talk to you later.

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