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Defying Gravity With Assisted Band Training

By Dave Schmitz Gravity is one of the body’s key drivers of function and the greatest obstacle to improving functional strength. The body’s ability to overcome the influences of gravity will ultimately determine how well it will perform. For many individuals over coming gravity starts with being able to perform simple gravity dependent exercises like…… More

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A New Approach to Density Training

Training On The Minute: A New Approach To Density Training By Tyler English “EMOM” or “Every Minute on the Minute” has become a very popular phrase recently among my coaching staff and clients at TEF. For most of my clientele the ultimate goal isn’t to lift the largest amount of weight possible, but instead, increase…… More

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Your Cardio Prescription

Setting Up Your Cardio Plan For Maximal Results Cardio sucks! There I said it. If you enjoy supplemental cardio and you are an advocate of strength training – you are on a lonely island. I don’t know many strength coaches who would rather “go for a run” or do some sled work over lifting up…… More

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Precision Pull

Deadlift or Die! By Mike Robertson If I hear one more geek personal trainer or “fitness enthusiast” say that he doesn’t perform deadlifts because he doesn’t want to hurt his back, my next set of articles may be coming from behind bars. I just can’t stand to hear this crap anymore! The truth is that…… More

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10 Tips For Flawless Squattin’

By Mike Robertson You’ve heard it a thousand times. To get big and strong, ya’ gotta’ squat. But how many of you are doing it right? The squat isn’t as complex as a clean and jerk, but whether you’re a competitive powerlifter or just the basic trainee trying to put some size on your wheels,…… More

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