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The Best Fitness Marketing In The World


Create The Best Personal Trainer Marketing Plan In The World!


Really, the best fitness marketing in the world?


It’s pretty simple actually.

Figure out what makes you unique. What makes the benefit that you provide unique? Who are those people that you provide that benefit to?

Can you describe it? Can you describe them?

Can you describe it in 15 words or less?

If you can do that – and it’s truly unique – then we’re pretty close.

But most fitness pros that I interact with can’t. They struggle.

If I ask them what makes them unique I get all sorts of answer about things like ‘results’ and ‘functional training’ and ‘caring about their clients’.

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Or I get answers about their type of assessment or their programming.

Not unique or not really a benefit…more of a process.

Fitness Marketing

So ask yourself a couple of questions right now:

  1. Who do you want to train? Be specific.
  2. What makes the benefit you provide them unique?

Those answers are your foundation for employing the best fitness marketing in the world.

See, people want a specialist, not a generalist. They want someone who can help them and them specifically.

So you want your ideal client – when they see or hear about what you do – to say ‘that sounds perfect for me!’

Do they?

I’m not suggesting that your process isn’t important.

It is.

It’s how you give them the benefit that they want.

I’m not suggesting that your education isn’t important.

It is.

It’s why you’re equipped to give them the benefit that they want.

But make no mistake – they’re not what you’re selling and they’re not really what the prospective client is interested in.

The prospective client wants to know what’s in it for them.

So here is your gameplan for employing the best fitness marketing in the world:

  1. Determine EXACTLY who you want to train. Don’t limit your way of thinking to the typical stuff like ‘soccer moms’ or ‘football players’ – Starbucks likely has an ideal customer, but it’s not limited by gender or narrowed by household income. Sam Adams says ‘We’re not a beginner’s beer.’ Perfect. They’re not for the masses. They’re for someone with more discerning tastes. Your ideal client might want a certain result, have a certain mindset or personality, have a particular needs…but there is something that makes them different.
  2. Clearly identify what makes the benefit you provide unique. Think about what you give clients that no one else in your market does. How your training process and education benefits the clients differently than the competition. How what you value and what your business stands for is different than the rest.
  3. Connect the first two. What you have to offer needs to speak directly to that person. If they’re looking for fat loss and you’re talking about corrective exercise, they don’t connect. That doesn’t mean they don’t need it, but they don’t connect with it. So if you make corrective exercise a key part of your programming you MUST tell your prospect how that directly ties to their goal.
  4. Get that message in front of your ideal client. See how simple employing the best fitness marketing in the world can be? Figure out what makes you unique and get that in front of the people you want to train. Marketing is much easier when you take this approach because if you know your ‘who’ then you have a much better idea of how to get in front of them. If you know what makes you unique then you can create a message that will stand out to them.
  5. WOW them. Some people think WOWing someone is all about the sizzle. It’s not. It’s giving someone a unique experience that far exceeds their expectation – but is part of the benefit they came to you for or compliments that benefit. It’s not hype and flash that masks the fact that you don’t really provide what you promised. But remember – no one goes into a business hoping for an ordinary experience – but that’s likely what they expect. They really want to be WOWed. They want to fall in love with the business. The fact that most businesses don’t inspire that type of feeling is a shame for them, but it’s an opportunity for you.
  6. Help them share your business with others. If you’ve identified your ‘who’, they likely know others that fit into your ‘who’ as well. If you’ve clearly identified what makes you unique and how that benefits them, they likely know others that would enjoy that same benefit. If you’ve WOWed those clients, they’re likely going to talk about what you do. Make sure they’re educated as to your unique benefits and how to convey them to others. Make sure you give them ample opportunity to introduce you to the people they know.

Do those things and you’re now employing the best fitness marketing in the world.

It’s basically what I call the Reverse Marketing Funnel. Instead of casting a wide net and then having to filter through a bunch of poor fits for your business, you get focused on those that are a great fit, go after them specifically with a unique benefit that really appeals to them and give them an experience that inspires them to share what you do with others.

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It’s multiplying every marketing action you take.

So go back through this post and get clear on what I covered. If you dial this in (and you should), you’ll be equipped to employ what I consider the best fitness marketing in the world.

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