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What’s Keeping You From Fitness Internet Marketing Success?

  A Jim Labadie Post On Fitness Internet Marketing   The life of a fitness internet marketing entrepreneur doesn’t suck. That I assure you. My alarm went off today at 8:30, but I didn’t get out of bed for quite awhile. I’m a night person. I’d much rather start later in the day. Especially on…… More

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How To Sell Fitness

  A Jim Labadie Post On How To Sell Fitness   If you want to learn how to sell fitness effectively, you must recognize that there is a HUGE difference between different types of personal trainer sales opportunities. – One on one selling – Selling to small groups – Selling from the front of a room…… More

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Fitness Entrepreneur Made Simple

A Jim Labadie Post On Being a Fitness Entrepreneur Becoming a fitness entrepreneur really isn’t that complicated. It’s just not. We make it that way in our own minds. Somewhere, somehow we picked up certain belief systems about the world. Many of them serve us well. Many of them don’t. Something I learned from Randy…… More

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Free Fitness Marketing: My Favorite Tactic

Jim Labadie Gives a Blueprint for Free Fitness Marketing     See, it pays to visit the FBI Blog! You might never have guessed it, but I’m a big procrastinator. I love waiting to the last minute to get stuff done because I’m at my best when I’m under pressure. So, as per usual, I…… More

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