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5 Habits Of Highly Successful Fitness Business Owners

Success doesn’t come easy but unfortunately we live in a world where people are entitled to think that they deserve instant results. It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting an immediately return, it’s what we are trained to do now with all of the instant gratification that exists. Jen Sinkler recently wrote a…… More

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3 Simple (Not Easy) Steps To Growing Your Fitness Business

Running a fitness business is challenging! There’s no getting around it. Running any business is challenging, so why would fitness be any different? However, the same way your clients want instant results, many fitness business owners expect that the next marketing campaign or fun sales trick is going to help them achieve instant business success.…… More

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Fitness Business Issues: Turning Problems Into Opportunities

If you run a business you’ll  have to deal with them eventually… ISSUES!  There are three common ways that fitness business owners address issues: 1)   Ignore them and hope they go away 2)   Attempt to address them, but never really get to the root of the issue (“the cover up”) 3)   Fix them completely and…… More

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Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working (And How To Make It Better!)

“I don’t have enough clients…” It’s the #1 problem most trainers mention when I speak with them. (There are usually a few others below the surface!) So, how do you fix it? Getting clients means you need more leads, which means that you need to improve your marketing strategy. In our Fitness Business Alignment System™ your…… More

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