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One Of The World’s Leading Fitness Business Experts Pulls Back the Curtain to Show You How To Build Your Own Successful Fitness Business

Discover How You Can Generate More Clients, More Profits and Enjoy More Freedom Running Your Own Ultra Successful Fitness Business

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Dear Fellow Fitness Pro,

Are you sick and tired of working from dawn ’till dusk and still struggling to make ends meet?

Are you fed up with watching inferior personal trainers ‘cash in’ selling crappy e-books or running low quality bootcamps while you’re delivering great results to your clients and still not reaping the business rewards?

The ‘gurus’ promising you that you can build six-figure bootcamps in sixty days… the promises of push-button info-businesses so you can make money while you sleep.

Let’s face it.   Those massive claims can be alluring… but you have to wonder if they are legitimate.

My name is Pat Rigsby, and along with my business partner Nick Berry, we’ve built some of the most successful brands in the fitness industry.

We’ve built and sold training businesses, run the largest youth conditioning association in the world, consulted with and coached thousands of fitness professionals around the world and recently launched the two fastest growing franchises in the industry – Fitness Revolution and Athletic Revolution.

I guess you could say I’ve “been there, done that!”

But I’ve also personally experienced what doesn’t work to build a fitness business and I’ve seen a lot of good trainers and coaches get burned by believing the hucksters, charlatans and snake-oil salesman that promise massive income for little to no effort.

It just doesn’t work that way!


In fact, much of the teaching and systems on the market are over-hyped and overpriced.

Most of it is designed to extract as much of your money as possible in a short a time as possible to line the pockets of the ‘expert’ with little if any regard for your actual success.

We’ve built our businesses by doing the complete opposite – by providing people with massive value for their money.

And we’ve coached thousands of the best fitness professionals in the industry to do the same.


What would that mean to you?

You could have the facility you’ve always wanted… give your family the life they deserve… help more people that you ever thought possible.

I am here to tell you that can happen!

Not only that, but once you learn my strategies for building a successful fitness business, you will not only believe it is possible, but you will be one giant step closer to making it your reality.

After all, if you’re a great coach – you have a great ‘product’ to sell.  You just need to know how to sell it.

And if you can sell it… if you can get people in the door… you can change their lives for the better and change your own for the better at the same time.

I have helped thousands of the best fitness professionals in the world do this and I believe it is possible to turn your passion, knowledge and skills into profits online.

In my new book,

“The Little Black Book Of Fitness Business Success”

I help you map out the ideal approach to running your own fitness business, turning your passion, knowledge and skills into a legitimate business designed to provide you with the income and freedom you desire.

Page after page is filled with ready-to-use fitness business strategies that will show you: The very real opportunity that exists for any good trainer or coach to create their own successful business (forget the hype, this is how people are really doing it) How to pick the perfect niche and business model that can excite you and pay off in real income How to generate a steady flow of leads month after month like clockwork The best way to sell training without feeling like a sleazy used car salesman – and actually have the prospects closing themselves on your services How to create multiple revenue streams that brings recurring revenue each and every month Why people will pay top dollar to learn from an “expert” and how to position yourself so you are that expert! How to create real leverage in your business so you’re not just trading time for dollars anymore And much, much more!

The Little Black Book Of Fitness Business Success takes my years of successful fitness business ownership and consulting and puts them to work for you.

Plus when you order your copy of The Little Black Book
of Fitness Business Success On Thursday, July 21st,
You Will Also Receive Over Our Most Recent Business Building, Profit Producing Seminar For FREE!

In April of this year we ran the most powerful fitness business event the industry has ever seen:

Bootcamp Bootcamp 2.

Fitness professionals traveled from around the globe to attend and invested registration fees, airfare, hotel expenses and more to get the powerful information we shared over 3 days.

Much to other’s dismay, I have not made the video of this event available at any price.

Until now!

Every customer who purchases a copy of The Little Black Book Of Fitness Business Success will receive the entire Bootcamp Bootcamp 2 event on video… FREE!

In this uncut collection of 10 Killer Presentations you’ll discover how to:

  • Mine the gold in your own back yard by profitably tapping into your own personal network.
  • Determine the most effective and lowest hassle lead generation strategies specifically for your market and your personality.
  • Use a paint-by-numbers simple 7 step conversion process to turn 200-300% more of your leads into paying clients.
  • Separate yourself from the thousands of bootcamps that are popping up all over the map.
  • Use our drop dead simple referral system to double the number of leads you get each month.
  • Double the value of each camper that joins your program.
  • Employ our 3 Component Formula to maximize your profits and leverage your time.
  • Integrate simple, low hassle profit centers in your business that can easily add $20,000 to your bottom line each year.
  • And Much, Much More…

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Fitness Business Success awaits you!

Learn the tips and strategies to create and run your own successful fitness business today.

Dedicated to  Your Success,

Pat RigsbyPat Rigsby


Pat Rigsby



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