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Bootcamp Business Success: The Power of Baby Steps


Bootcamp Business Success By Jim Labadie


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Have you ever noticed the similarities between business and fitness?

Haven’t you noticed that most of the people who get their lazy butt off the couch one day and decide they are FINALLY going to get in shape are the ones who fail?

They have no plan.

They have no support system.

They don’t have the know-how.

They just dive in head first and change everything about their life.

And in a couple of weeks they’re back to stuffing their face with every potato chip they can find.

But the same is very much true of trainers.

They suddenly decide they have had enough.

No more working for The Man!

They’re going to make drastic changes.

They’ve got 5 different info-products in the works…

They’re working on their website…

Part of their referral program is in place…

They’ve started to ask around about doing a bootcamp business…

And what happens?

Well, within a few weeks pretty much nothing.

There was a giant cloud of dust.

There was a whole lot of work done.

But nothing actually got accomplished.


…for some the new marketing works and a flood of new clients comes in.

So what happens?

They’re flush with cash and happy as a clam training all these wonderful people.

So the business will have to be put on hold.

Someone has to service all these people, right? They paid already.

So what’s my advice?

Calm down!

Take a step back.

Get one thing done at a time.

Create a plan.

Take baby steps towards its completion.

Welcome mistakes. They are the only way you will really learn.

Correct those mistakes.

Take more baby steps.

Who loves ya? 😉

Yours in prosperity,

Jim Labadie

PS – If you’re ready – and not everybody is – we have the blueprint.


Just wanted to give you a quick heads up on the progress I’ve made with my camps since purchasing your Ultimate bootcamp business Product.

I started in March ’06 with about 10 people attending. It’s steadily grown over the last 9 months with this month hitting 56 enrolled!!

It was your product that cemented the idea to start my own camps. I had no idea at the time that some initial guidance from the Ultimate BC CD’s and some marketing know how would amount to a such a successful business.

I want to thank you for providing that spark that ignited what this year will be a SIX-FIGURE bootcamp business!!”

Yours In Health,

Eric Gelder


“Hi Jim,

My name is Lyle Johnson, owner of MVP Fitness in St. Louis. I purchased your Bootcamp Business Start Up Kit and have gotten great results. I have had 44 camp members enroll in MVP Fitness Boot Camp in the first month. Not bad considering I only had 3 clients last year before the Kit!

Currently I am holding three camps; one at a local high school, another in an affluent subdivision and the other one for the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Organization, which is actually held on the baseball diamond at the brand new Busch Staduim.

I feel great and very confident in the future direction of MVP Fitness and I am looking forward to improving more people’s lives by offering more boot camps.

Thanks again! Your Ultimate Bootcamp Business Start-Up Kit CDs really helped me grow my business!”

Lyle Johnson
MVP Fitness, LLC

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