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Tyler English Interview

Tyler English Interview by Lou Schuler It was 2009 at a fitness conference when I first met Tyler English, and he was the only guy there not getting hammered. It turns out that he was preparing for his first pro natural bodybuilding competition. The second time I met Tyler… well… that’s a whole different interview.…… More

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Fitness Sales Tips

When it comes to selling fitness there are a lot of different approaches.  When I first started getting fitness sales tips from experienced people in the industry they were things like: How to overcome objections. Whoever speaks first loses. Use NLP. It’s all a numbers game just get more leads. Sell the highest price package…… More

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How To Run A Fitness Bootcamp

A post by Ryan Ketchum Bootcamps are popping up on every corner, at least that seems to be the case over the past year or so. With the popularity of group training and the high leverage training environment it seems like every trainer is opening up their own fitness bootcamp. The big problem with the…… More

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Rewarding Personal Training Loyalty

A post by Ryan Ketchum Building a loyal client base is one of the best things that you can do to grow your fitness business. Creating a loyal client base will help bulletproof your business from a bad economy, competition and price wars. Take a look at businesses across several industries that have loyal fans…… More

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