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13 Bootcamp Workout Business Tips

A Post On Bootcamp Workout Business Tips By Pat Rigsby   Recently I’ve been talking about the death of bootcamp workout businesses. Death is probably the wrong word. If you own a bootcamp workout business – you need to simply evolve. With that in mind I wanted to give you some tips on the evolution…… More

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Killing the Sacred Cow of Fitness

By Adam Bornstein I’ve seen the fitness industry from every angle imaginable: As a trainer, researcher, writer, editor, and author. I’ve interviewed scientists and doctors, trainers and nutritionists, teachers and scholars. And if there’s one thing I can say, it’s this: we have a serious information breakdown. The right information isn’t getting in the hands…… More

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5 “Must Have” Fitness Marketing Systems

A post by Ryan Ketchum “Systems” is a bad word when it comes to most people in the fitness industry.  They think of systems as complex routines that need to be created by someone with an MBA.  Systems are much simpler than most of you think!  They are nothing more than a set of actions…… More

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Tips and Tricks to Sell More Personal Training

  A post on tips and tricks to sell more personal training by Ryan Ketchum Selling personal training is often times one of the biggest obstacles that you have to overcome in your personal training career.   It seems that unless you came up in the industry in the big box gym environment where high pressured…… More

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Putting the WOW Factor Into Your Training Business

With every passing day it seems like training businesses are starting to look more and more alike. 5 years ago bootcamps were unique.  Now they’re everywhere. 5 years ago offering monthly payments instead of blocks of sessions was rare. Not it’s common. To be better than the competition you need to be different than the…… More

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