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Marketing Personal Training

  A Post on Marketing Personal Training by Pat Rigsby As opposed to what you may have thought – marketing personal training isn’t some manipulative thing or anything you should feel uncomfortable with. Honestly, if you like people and are good at what you do – marketing personal training with the approach we teach should…… More

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Do You Need To Improve At Selling Personal Training?

A Post on Selling Personal Training by Pat Rigsby Every couple of weeks Ryan Ketchum and I send out a memo to members of our Franchises, Mastermind Groups, Accelerator Program, Virtual Fitness Mastermind and 52 Week Mentorship. It’s about what we’re seeing right now in the industry and how this group that we work closely…… More

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Marketing For Personal Trainers: Your Audit

  A post on Marketing For Personal Trainers By Pat Rigsby, Justin Yule & Ryan Ketchum There are dozens of products and hundreds of articles and posts about marketing for personal trainers available…and a significant percentage of them are on this site.  Unfortunately, this abundance of information can often lead to overwhelm for you, the…… More

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GAME ON: How to Grow Your Personal Training Business

  A Post On How to Grow Your Personal Training Business by Pat Rigsby   Of all the questions fitness professionals ask us, I’d guess that 75% revolve around this:   How To Grow Your Personal Training Business   And with good reason…growing your personal training business can result in: More Impact. Most trainers and…… More

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Progressions Of A Fitness Business Owner: Phase 1

By Vince Gabriele   The minute I decided to start a career in the fitness industry I knew I wanted to own a gym. This was very clear to me. I remember often times sitting in my economics classes in college thinking about where I would put the 3 jammers in my gym… 12 years…… More

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