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Fitness Sales Tips

When it comes to selling fitness there are a lot of different approaches.  When I first started getting fitness sales tips from experienced people in the industry they were things like: How to overcome objections. Whoever speaks first loses. Use NLP. It’s all a numbers game just get more leads. Sell the highest price package…… More

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13 Bootcamp Workout Business Tips

A Post On Bootcamp Workout Business Tips By Pat Rigsby   Recently I’ve been talking about the death of bootcamp workout businesses. Death is probably the wrong word. If you own a bootcamp workout business – you need to simply evolve. With that in mind I wanted to give you some tips on the evolution…… More

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5 “Must Have” Fitness Marketing Systems

A post by Ryan Ketchum “Systems” is a bad word when it comes to most people in the fitness industry.  They think of systems as complex routines that need to be created by someone with an MBA.  Systems are much simpler than most of you think!  They are nothing more than a set of actions…… More

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The Best Fitness Marketing In The World

  Create The Best Personal Trainer Marketing Plan In The World!   Really, the best fitness marketing in the world? Yep. It’s pretty simple actually. Figure out what makes you unique. What makes the benefit that you provide unique? Who are those people that you provide that benefit to? Can you describe it? Can you…… More

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3 Tips to Using As Seen on TV Marketing

A Guest Post By Nick Nanton After helping thousands of clients all over the world to appear in some of the biggest media outlets in the world, I get the best feeling when I see them using this media power to grow and expand their business. Today I wanted to share 3 quick ways that…… More

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