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Shoulder-Friendly Finisher

Crush Your Core, Blast Your Legs, and Get Your Heart Rate Racing with This 2-Exercise Finisher Finishers are one of my favorite ways to jack up the intensity of a workout and end it feeling incredibly accomplished. Not only do they help get your clients lean and fit, but they also instill a bit of…… More

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The Missing Link to Client Success

By Ryan Ketchum You are a master of training. Your programs would get great results if you could only get all your clients to follow your nutrition suggestions, and your wall of fame would be full of incredible success stories. Does that sound like you? The truth is that most trainers and fitness pros think…… More

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Useful and Useless Supplements

  A guest post from the experts over at on several of the most useful and useless supplements you and your clients encounter here. Enjoy!   Useless (or perhaps just overrated): Glutamine Glutamine is commonly recommended for helping you build muscle due to its role in muscle cells (more glutamine in a cell means…… More

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Semi-Private Training: The Business Sweet Spot

A Post On Semi-Private Training by Pat Rigsby   Back in 2006 we created a product with industry expert Alwyn Cosgrove called ‘The Ultimate Fitness Professionals Business Success System.’ At the time this product was revolutionary as there had been nothing like it released to the industry before. One of the components of this resource…… More

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Utilizing Progressive Movement Technology

Almost every successful trainer I’ve ever met is constantly looking for ways to improve the results they get with their clients. The problem is, many certifications and seminars give you the same old information you already know…and that doesn’t really help you become a better trainer. The reality is that there are only a handful…… More

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