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The Last Person in Your Fitness Business

By Mike Robertson   If you’re reading this, you and I are very similar. Chances are you either own a fitness business (or hope to someday), and/or you’re busting your ass in an effort to get better. If that sounds about right, let me tell you a story about myself that might sound eerily familiar.…… More

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Easy Tips to Build a Better Clean and Develop Explosive Power

By Rod Root When performed correctly, the barbell clean variations are the best-looking movements in the gym.  A well-executed clean resembles many sport situations and is hands-down one of the best ways to improve overall athletic power, speed and explosive strength.  Snapping the hips into a nasty dunk in basketball, soaring above the net before…… More

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National Transformation Contest

  What Can A National Transformation Contest Do For Your Fitness Business?     The Campaign Earlier this year, some of our clients and FR franchisees participated in our first ever National Transformation Contest. Hundreds of fitness professionals were given the opportunity to host a local contest, which not only led to a lot of…… More

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Personal Training Sales: The Value Capture Solution

  A Post on Personal Training Sales By Pat Rigsby     For the typical entrepreneurial personal trainer sales is a hot topic.  They want to know how to sell more.  How to close more deals. But in my mind, this view is a small part of a much bigger picture. The Client Value Capture…… More

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