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Fitness Marketing Strategy. Does This Really Work?


A Post On Fitness Marketing Strategy By Pat Rigsby


I LOVE hearing about fitness pros taking our tools, system and fitness marketing strategies – applying them and turning them into clients and money.

There isn’t much better.

You may remember my Fundraiser Promotion spurned from my days as a baseball coach.  Just take a look at this string of messages from Bootcamp Blueprint member Andy Perkins about his results with that single promotion:


Andy Perkins March 27 at 9:52am

Hi Pat –


I just wanted to send you a quick email and say thank you for the fundraising content on the bootcamp blueprint. I launched my first fundraiser this morning and within 10 minutes of everyone leaving camp I had a phone call from a camper saying that they had someone who wanted to join. Since then I have had 3 more, making it 4 new leads in 3 hours. It’s amazing how powerful it is, all I did was hand out some flyers at the end during the cool down and tell them what we were doing.





Andy Perkins April 6 at 3:18pm

Hi Pat


I’ve had to close my fundraising promo in camp after only 8 days. We added 40 campers since last Saturday and we can’t physically take anymore. it is by far the easiest thing I have ever done to get alot of prospects into camp. We’ve never had anyone who has come for a free trial not sign up so hopefully we will end up with 40 new campers by the end of May.





Andy Perkins May 17 at 4:13pm

Hi Pat


I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how our fund raiser went this month.

We are in our final week of this phase of camp and have 88 campers working out with us this month, all of whom are planning on signing up for 12 months if they haven’t done so already. We also have another 18 that couldn’t come either from lack of space, injury etc and we sent them an email today and have 18 new campers joining next month for their 2 week free trial!

The most exciting thing to happen this month however is that we emailed a local DJ who is also doing the fund raiser climb and asked her if she wanted to come along. She has, and really enjoyed it. Maddy my camp partner was speaking to her and she was having real difficulty raising the £3000 to climb Mount Kilimanjaro so we said we would do a fund raiser for her in August. She was really grateful and told her manager what we were helping her do and they have both bent over backwards to help us raise us much money for her whilst also exploiting a loop hole in their marketing rules that will let us get marketing for free for the month in the build up to the fundraiser which includes a mention in the “what’s on” portion of the radio that goes out 6 times a day!

The best part however is that a new trainer has just moved over and is doing anything and everything to get clients and his name out there, but he isn’t doing too well and is coming across as very aggressive and not very friendly, intimidating lots of people and is making us look even better. He had is secretary contact the DJ to see if she would like to join his camp but she declined, even when offered a free month as she wants to stay loyal to us. In the end he emailed her directly to say that his camps were full to which her response was “he’s a c%$k”! That’s a direct quote!

Thank you for all of your help and guidance over the last 12 months I’m looking forward to the next 12 I know really big things are just around the corner with yours and everyone else’s help who is involved in the BCBP.





Andy Perkins
August 1 at 3:53pm

Hi Pat


I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how much success I’m having with fundraisers. We have just finished promotion and start our next camp tomorrow, this fundraiser has been a little bigger as we invited a local DJ to join camp when we heard about her charity climb up Mount Kilimanjaro in October. She has been coming to camp for free and we have run this fundraiser for her to help her raise the money she needs. She was so grateful she went to the station manager and told him what we were doing and they found a loop hole in their marketing laws which allowed them to plug our camp for free. The camp has been advertised on the radio for 2 weeks and in that time we have doubled the size of camp from 90 to 185! Although 95 of those are free campers our conversion rate is up at 80% with 25% of the people signed up on the fundraiser already having enquired about signing up once this camp is over.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work in the boot camp blueprint. It’s made a massive impact on my business.





Andy Perkins September 17 at 8:11am

Hi Pat


Just a quick email to update you after our latest fundraiser. Our conversion rate is still up around 75-80% and we also found another income stream too during this fundraiser. We made the fundraiser a 4 week camp rather than a 3 week camp to increase the value for our current campers who still pay their normal membership rate. If the fundraisers wished to stay for the extra week they had to pay a supplement, so in effect they were paying the same as our membership campers. 90% (87) signed up for the extra week only 5% (5) not wishing to stay for the extra week and the other 5% (5) having other commitments, (holidays, kids going back to school, exams).

The fundraiser is by far our greatest lead generation tool in our camps. It’s such a powerful concept.



I got goose bumps the other day when I went out to a PT client’s birthday party and everyone there was talking about our camps. I have spent most of my time recently working on our camps and fundraisers, leveraging whatever I could to keep up with the growth. To go out and hear that everyone is talking about our camps was an amazing feeling and it’s all thanks to the BCBP.
Thank You!




185 People in Camp in August. 97 New leads in September’s Camp.

All from the Fundraiser Promo.

In case you missed the post I did on running a Fundraiser Promo, here’s a excerpt:

In my baseball coaching days we had to do a lot of fundraising.

Our program’s budget was great… if we’d have been a rec league team for 8 yr olds;)

So we did everything from sell cheesecakes to rent a riverboat and hold a casino night.

It was probably the thing that I liked least about coaching – but it was a necessary part of the job.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago and I was trying to think of some sorts of out of the box ways to get more leads and sell more memberships for our health club.

Enter the fundraiser.

The idea was simple – we’d give organizations that needed to raise money short term memberships to sell at a steep discount – and they could keep the proceeds.

We got the new, qualified (they’d paid for the membership) lead.

Since then we’ve introduced this fitness marketing strategy to Mastermind & Bootcamp Blueprint members and some have absolutely killed with it.

So here it is in a nutshell:

1. Decide what you want to offer.  For camps something like 1 month for $20 is solid.

2. Find an organization that needs to raise money.  Youth sports teams / leagues, church organizations, etc. are a good place to start.

3. Provide the organization with 1 month membership cards to sell and a tracking form for each person selling to allow you to track customers and follow up. Ideally you will provide a script for the people selling as well talking up the benefits of your service and how it’s helping the organization.

4. Set a start and end date – it doesn’t work well without deadlines.

5. If you really want to ensure success – train the people selling on the script, tell them who to approach first (family, neighbors, friends, co-workers of parents) and offer prizes for the top sellers.

6. Follow up with the customers to get them in to an orientation or assessment.  A lot will initially buy only to help the organization but will be open to trying out your service.  Make sure they do.

7. Turn them into ongoing clients by delivering a great service and having a special offer to get them to continue.

That’s it – a marketing strategy you’re not doing which can bring in dozens of qualified leads…

We’ve got dozens of other success stories like Andy’s from specific promos, but I wanted to highlight this because I’m almost 100% sure that this fitness marketing strategy is one you’re not currently using – and it’s too good to ignore.

One more thing – next week we’ll be introducing B3: The Bootcamp Business Builder.

This complete bootcamp start up system is everything you need to launch a profitable, systematized fitness bootcamp or group training business.

Fitness Marketing, sales, referrals, training, nutrition – we cover it all.

In the past, only our Bootcamp Blueprint & Mastermind Members have had access to this high level information – but now you will be able to benefit from it too.

So get ready for the launch of B3 – it opens on Tuesday.

Any thoughts on the fundraiser – share them below.


Dedicted to your success,




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