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Why Most Fit Pros Facebook Marketing Fails and How A Select Few Crush It

A guest post from Miles Noland, Paid Marketing Manger for Fitness Consulting Group

Miles Noland

I was talking to a fellow fitness pro a few days ago, and he said, “I used to post on Facebook, and I would get tons of shares, and likes, and even some leads. Now when I post on Facebook nobody comments, shares, or likes it. It seems like no one is even seeing it. I’m not posting very much at all anywhere, because it doesn’t seem to be helping.”

Well, guess what, HE IS CORRECT. I told him, “Joe, did you know that only 3-4% of your fans even see your posts?” He had around 1,000 likes on his business Facebook page, so that meant only 30-40 people were seeing his posts…..not enough to really get any momentum going.

He was shocked…..and then he went into a long rant about Facebook being the devil, and why do they have to charge for that, yada yada yada. And I said, “Joe, do you charge for your services?” He said, yes, and I said, “Well, Facebook has to make money too.”

Now, how can we use this to our advantage as a fitness professional? Let’s see, all our competitors are posting on Facebook. But not many of our competitors are spending money on advertising.

As a general rule of thumb, everyone in business is looking toward their competition for information on how to set pricing, run their business, etc. If you want to BE BETTER than your competition, you have to be DIFFERENT. And you can be different by actually knowing what you are doing in terms of advertising on Facebook.

By simply boosting a post you can actually increase the reach of your post up to 90%. That means almost all the fans you have, and many of their friends can see your post.

To begin:

1. Go to your post, and at the bottom right hand corner of the post, and click boost.

  1. Click on the button next to the line that says: “Boost to your page likes and friends of your page”
  2. Choose your budget. I recommend $5 a day. You can check your results daily.

Now, before we boost the post, we have to understand what is important.

The Image


The image is very important when it comes to a Facebook ad. The things you want to include are:

-The image cannot be made of more than 20% text.

-You want to use a clear image, one that relates to the post you are talking about.

-If your blog post includes a picture at the top, using this picture in the ad can be very effective

-Whatever picture you use, make sure you own the picture (don’t go on Google, save a random picture and put it on your site). Getty Images is known to hunt people down and extort money for them for using pictures on their site that aren’t clearly labeled by Getty as theirs.

Tip: Try registering for a Pixabay free account and searching for images with the CCO Public Domain link that say “Free for commercial use/No attribution required”

Writing Copy

People make lightening-quick judgments on your ad. That is why what you write is very important, as well as the image. The ad must stand out, and speak to a benefit, or they will move on. Here are 5 headlines proven to increase clickthrough rate courtesy of

Little Known Ways to [blank]

  1. How to turn [blank] into [desired result]
  2. How To Build a [blank] You Can Be Proud Of
  3. Get [desired result] Without [undesired result]
  4. Get Rid of [problem] Once and For All

Facebook is very strict on the fitness industry and advertisers making “unrealistic claims, or showing unrealistic body images. You must be very careful, because the ban ad accounts very quickly for making these mistakes.

For example, instead of saying “Little Knows Ways to Lose 5 Inches in 3 Weeks”, you could say “Little Known Ways to Feel and Move Better”. Yes, I know the second one is not as powerful, but it will keep you in Facebook’s good side, and that is important because Facebook has the best targeting, and will have the most users of any platform.

Here is an example ad that I made:


You always want to use a button, because it increases CTR (Clickthrough rate). I like using the “Learn More” button.

Fill out the “News Feed Description” with details about the post they will be sent to, and provide many benefits to them for reading the post without being too “hypey”, or “making unrealistic claims”

Create Audiences

To capitalize on sending traffic to our awesome blog post, Facebook provides with a way to track our visitors so we can advertise again to them in the future.

This is a HUGE BENEFIT to Facebook advertising, because we know if they are interested enough to click on our blog, they have a level of interest in the topic and probably are a prospect for our services.

-Go to Ads Manager, Audiences, and Click on the Green Button at the top right hand corner that says “Create Audience”


-Then select “Custom Audience”, “Website Traffic”, and input your domain URL. Then change the “In the last” 30 days to 180 days. Then name the audience “Website Visitors”. Create the audience.

-Once the audience is created, click the checkbox, and select “get pixel”. Then this code will be provided. Send this code to the person who helps you with your website to input on your site.

I know using Optimize Press 2 or Leadpages how to put this code on the site myself, but most fitness pros do not have an internet marketing background and it is easier to send it to a web person. This is very simple to implement. Or you can hire someone off to implement this for you.


This will start logging visitors to your website and the list will continue to build. This will give you an asset, people who have visited your site, who know, like, and trust you, and you will be able to advertise them in the future.

If you have an email list of at least 100 people, you can download them into a CSV file, and upload it to Facebook under “Create Audience”. Facebook can then create a “Lookalike Audience” and will find people who are similar to your email subscribers.

Facebook Rules

Facebook’s number 1 priority is to protect the user experience, because they know the user is the most important person to the success of their company.

They do not want advertisers showing ads to people that they are not interested in what they are offering, and Facebook does not want aggressive advertising without providing value.

For example, Facebook now does not want advertisers sending people to a “squeeze page or sales page” that are not your email subscribers, a former website visitor, or have liked your page.

However, Facebook will always approve you sending people to content that you do not know.

This is why we start off sending people to content, place the pixel so we can track people, and then place ads to send people to a squeeze page (optin page for a free gift, ex.-free cookbook or 5 best workouts).   We send people straight to an optin that are our email subscribers or website visitors.

For a complete list of rules see:

It is very important that you understand Facebook’s rules so you do not get banned! Read the advertising policies.

Optin Pages and Gifts

The point of an optin page is to collect leads via an email address. This email address should go into an email system that you have that allows you to send email to many people. For examples, see,,, etc

People will not give their email address unless they are truly interested in what you have to offer. That is why we want to create a free gift that gives the prospect an answer to their problem, and helps make their life easier. Here is an example optin page that we use:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 5.09.27 PM

Once a person opts in, they are put into an email autoresponder that sends them emails showing value, and providing opportunities to take advantages of services at the business.

This page is very effective because there are no distractions, they either put their email in to get the free gift, or they leave.

Once they are on our email list, we can market to them forever. That is why collecting email addresses of interested prospects is SO IMPORTANT. I have had many clients who have said, “I’ve been on your email list for a year now, and I really agree with your message, but it was not the right time to come in until now.”

You can simply and easily make these optin pages without the help of a developer by using the paid plugins Optimize Press 2, or Leadpages.

The last thing I want to do is overwhelm you with “techy” aspects that keep you from moving forward. If you do not want to get OP2 or Leadpages, instruct your web developer on what you need.

Your Ideal Client

Before doing any of the above tactics I have outlined, you must know your “ideal client”. You must know your BEST CLIENT.

For example, if you train almost all youth baseball players, you might also train a lacrosse player, but that lacrosse player is not your “ideal client”.

In Facebook there are tons of ways to target people via ad options. So here are some recommendations:

  1. Choose your location (your city and +10 miles outside of that). For example, for me, it would be Lexington, KY +10 miles surrounding the general area.
  2. Audience must be at least 1,000 people, and preferably at least 10,000 when advertising to a cold audience (non-email subscribers and website visitors)
  3. If you train 90% women, then choose “women”
  4. Choose an age group of around 19 years difference (for example: 30-49 years old)
  5. Can choose interests to narrow the audience even farther (choose fitness and wellness)

If you send someone to a page with no clear purpose, they will be confused, not know what action to take, and will leave forever.


If you just read this article and have had no prior Facebook advertising experience, you might be a little confused. Please re-read this article, take one step at a time, and continue to take action moving forward.

Facebook advertising can be tough to explain because they are constantly changing the rules, and in the fitness niche you have to be very careful not to break their rules so you do not get banned.

Sometimes it may not seem worth it to worry about Facebook, but they do provide many advantages. 

First off, they provide the most users, and users who are frequently on their platform compared to any other platform.

Second, the targeting is so GOOD, and allows you to only show ads to people who will have an interest in what you are advertising.

Third, you can get a lot of free advertising, by virtue of people sharing your ads and posts.

Fourth, Facebook is a great source of referrals because it is easy for people to share your business, and your content to their friends.

So take action, and use paid Facebook advertising to spread your message to quality prospects to help grow your business.

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