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Fitness Business 9 Steps to Success from Scratch

 Fitness Business Success from Scratch

I get a lot of emails from trainers who are very successful, but have recently moved and need to start all over again from scratch.

Case in point:

“Hi Jim,

Thank YOU for all of your informative emails and great products; Success with Bootcamps, and public speaking…

I wonder if I might be able to ask you a question.

I recently moved to Collingwood, Ontario a small town of 16,000 people to be with my boyfriend and left my successful personal training business in the city behind.

I know it’s going to take some time to start making some good muney again, because not nearly as many people know me here, yet.

I’m wondering what you, Jim, would do in this situation?

I would love to hear from you!”

Happy Holidays!



My response:

Thanks for the kind words! And congratulations on the move!

It’s a great question, Sarah. Here are some things to do:


2- Get out to networking events and groups and clubs…everywhere and anywhere your target market is found.

3- Ask around to find out who the most influential people in this small town are and take them to lunch. Pick their brain. What do they think you should do to get the word out?

4- If it’s a small town there might not be too many companies to speak at, but try to find some places to present Lunch and Learns. Speak anywhere and everywhere you can.

5- Get in touch with the local publication(s) and find out how you can contribute articles, etc.

6- If you train women and there are only a couple of places in town where they get their hair done, well, train the most popular stylist in exchange for them promoting the heck out of you to everyone who walks in the door.


8- As you can see, there’s plenty to do, but something I think everyone needs to be focused on in 2008 is running their business the right way.

– Cutting costs

– Building systems

– Develop consistent marketing

My friend Pat Rigsby cracked me up one day on a Trainer’s Inner Cirlce call when he said most trainers run their fitness business like it’s the lawn-cutting summer business of a teenager!

Hey, it’s freakin’ true.

More than anything else, 2008 is the year to get serious about running a BUSINESS and not just a paid hobby.

So that’s why I highly recommmend you follow step 9.

9- Get Pat Rigsby’s new program that gives you a 28 Day, Step-by-Step Plan to create a true business.

It’s a comprhensive plan for just $67 if you get it before Friday. Then it goes up $30.

If you like throwing darts and hoping your “business” will one day be on auto-pilot then please don’t listen to a word I say.

But if you want to actually make your life easier and take the guesswork out of things then get Pat’s new program. It’s 100% guaranteed and it’s $67.

No brainer.

Who loves ya? 😉

Yours in prosperity,

Jim Labadie

PS- I know Pat very well and I’ll tell you what: He’s a really, really smart guy.

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