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Public Speaking for your Fitness Business Set the Tone for Success in 30 Seconds


Fitness Business Publicity By Jim Labadie


When public speaking you really want to bond with your audience right away so come up with something that shows you are an expert, but also human.

Here’s an introduction I’ve used in the past to get the audience laughing before we even started:

“While at the University of Delaware, Jim Labadie managed to be a Dean’s List student by incorporating a steady diet of study, volunteer work, Jack Daniel’s and Taco Bell.

It was this strict lifestyle that allowed him to graduate not only with a degree in Fitness Management, but also 40 pounds fatter than you see him today. A reformed party-animal and fast-food junkie, Coach Jim is a passionate fitness business entrepreneur, speaker, coach and consultant.

He has appeared in Redbook, Men’s Fitness, Self and if you watch local news on Fox, NBC or CBS you’ve probably seen him there, too.”

The person who booked you to speak will typically be the one who is going to introduce you. Make sure they know to read word for word the introduction you have created.

If you don’t specifically hand yours to them right before you go on and request it they very well may resort to just reading straight from your bio.


It’s happened to me so be sure they introduce you the right way to set the tone for a great talk.

Who loves ya? 😉

Yours in prosperity,

Jim Labadie

PS- A fitness business PROFESSIONAL understands his audience is filled with people who very well may be intimidated by anyone who is physically fit. And that is why they go to great lengths to bond with their audience.

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