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Fitness Entrepreneur Real-world abundance mentality

Successful Thinking is Key for a Fitness Entrepreneur

My very first training client in Tampa was one of the most prosperous people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He had been retired for a few years when he was about 40 years old! This guy lived the life. He had an amazing home, an amazing family and enjoyed life as much as any person I’d ever met.

Why wouldn’t he?

He’d sold his software business and made enough to last him the rest of his life. And I’m not talking about getting by. I’m talking about living a life of luxury. There’s nothing like being an entrepreneur or a Fitness Entrepreneur. It’s the only way to go as far as I’m concerned and this guy is living proof.

I really can’t remember a time when he wasn’t smiling. In fact, the biggest smile I ever saw him give was when I asked him what he would do if his home, which was on the water, was flooded or damaged by a hurricane. Since it’s about impossible for him to get flood insurance I was astonished by his answer. He looked at me and gave me a sh*t eating grin and simply said, “Buy a new one.”

That was that. Case closed. Jim, THAT is true prosperity in my mind. He’d been an entrepreneur all his life. He’d started businesses when he was a teenager. He had enough money to live more than comfortably for the rest of his life. But he also knows how to manifest more at any given time. If he wanted more he’d just manifest more.

Is there any better example of having an abundance mentality than that? It’s the same mentality you need to be sure to develop.

By the way, a couple years later I saw he had sold that house for $3.8 million. Not too shabby being able to easily replace a $3.8 million home!

You’re a fitness entrepreneur. You have a license to print the green stuff. Never forget that!

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