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Fitness Marketing Time Saver #1


Fitness Marketing Timesaving Tip. A post By Jim Labadie


Welcome to our brand new feature. Our Time Saving Tip of The Week!

First thing every Monday you’re going to come to to set the tone for your entire week.

You’re going to learn a proven method for getting more done in less time.

You’ll discover how to enjoy your life more.

Before you do anything else, start your week with this tip. Pat, Nick and I will be taking turns each Monday to make running your Personal Training business easier than ever.

Ok, so here’s the first one:

I’m sure there has been a time when you’ve driven to work or the grocery store and don’t even remember driving there. You got there perfectly safe as your conscious mind focused on something in particular. Probably something work related.

So how did you get there? Well, your subconscious took over and got you there safe and sound. Basically, you went on autopilot. Auto Pilot Fitness Marketing

How does this apply to saving time?

Simple. If you want to work less…if you want more time off…then you absolutely, positively MUST plan that time.

You have to:

1- Schedule the free time in your calendar.

2- Know EXACTLY what you are going to do with that time.

Are you going to play with your kids? Go to the beach? Go skiing? Go to the movies? Wonder why you haven’t done this sooner?

I don’t care what you do with that time, but you have to KNOW what you are going to do with it.


Because if you do not replace your free time with some kind of specific activity your subconscious WILL go on autopilot and do what it always does during that time.

Which means it will fill it with WORK!!!

Get the picture?

Don’t just say you want to work less. Don’t just say you want more free time.

You have to define what those terms mean. Your subconscious has to have a target to aim at.

Plain and simple.

Later this week Pat Rigsby will be teaching you some serious fitness marketing – how to make big bucks by reactiving old clients and campers.

Then next Monday Nick Berry will be take what Pat teaches you and show you how to make a time saving system out of it!

Who loves ya? 😉

Yours in prosperity,

Jim Labadie

Jim Labadie


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