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Fitness Marketing Timesaver #6: Career Accelerators


A Post on A Fitness Marketing Tip By Pat Rigsby


Most of the time when we talk about fitness marketing and saving time, we focus on saving a few minutes a day or a few hours a week by outsourcing, delegating or being more efficient in our own actions.

But if you really want to talk about saving time – let’s speak in terms of saving years instead of a few hours here and there.

If you really want to cut the time you spend reaching your goals you need to utilize what I call ‘career accelerators.’

What are career accelerators? They’re resources or activities that will allow you to jump several rungs up the ladder at a time instead of climbing step by step. Here are some of my favorite examples:

Information Products

Private Coaching and Coaching Programs

Networking and Masterminding

Live Events – Seminars and Workshops

‘Done For You’ Systems – Franchises, Licensed Programs, etc.

Learning from other people’s successes and failures will shave years off your learning curve. Having people provide you with an objective perspective on your fitness business will allow you to avoid countless mistakes.

Attending events, networking and masterminding will open doors that can increase your income at light speed (I’m speaking from experience here) and literally compress years worth of progress into months.

Having a blueprint to follow – be it a franchise, a license or a program like the Bootcamp Blueprint – allows you to avoid spending time re-inventing the wheel and just execute and implement.

Honestly, if you’re not taking advantage of most of these types of Career Accelerators you’re slowing your progress by years.

That’s really what virtually everything we do – from Fast Track To Fitness Millions LIVE to the APPT – is about.

Providing an accelerated path to professional success.

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