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Fitness Marketing Timesaver #9: Operations Manuals


A Post on A Fitness Marketing Timesaver Tip By Nick Berry


Jim spoke last week about Operations Manuals and the importance and value of having one in place.

In a sense, it’s your fitness business in a book.

 It may not be be loaded with fitness marketing techniques but it’s command central, if you will, a resource for you or anyone else to understand the inner workings of your business.

When creating your Ops Manual you’re documenting your policies and procedures.

Policies regarding what you offer, customer service, cancellation, returns, billing, contract or agreements, package terms, etc.

Your procedures are your completion plans – which I KNOW you’ve heard us talk about.

Completion plans are simply step by step plans to execute anything that must be done in your fitness business.

If you’re like the average new business owner, trying to get things organized and up and running, you’ve probably got a couple of vague policies in your head, and a few completion plans on paper.

You’ve gotten started, but you don’t really know how to proceed further because actually creating completion plans for everything that goes on in your business seems a bit too daunting.

It could be daunting, but you’re closer than you think.

What you’ve got is a good start.

If you expect to write a complete Ops Manual in a day or two and never have to update it you’re not approaching this properly.

First of all, it’s a constant work in progress.

It’s always going to evolve because you’re always going to be improving and updating the processes in your business.

So take what you’ve got and compile it. Then add to it.

Make it a goal to create a completion plan a day, or two a week, until you think you have them all.

And then, when you realize you missed one, write it and add it to your Manual!

It really is that simple to get this started.

The same process should go towards writing your policies.

Write out all of the policies you know you want in place, and then update and add to them as you see fit.

Your Ops Manual is the key to running your business.

That includes training your employees, treating your customers fairly, and delivering your service consistently.

That’s it in the most basic form, and that’s what you need to keep in mind as you create your first draft of your Ops Manual for your business.

Remember, everyone who attends the Fast Track to Fitness Millions event May 29-31 in New Jersey will get a copy of our Operations Manual.

We look forward to seeing you there, and of course will be happy to answer anything about fitness marketing and questions about customizing the information to fit your business.

Have a great week!

Nick Berry

Nick Berry has spent his entire career as an entrepreneur, consultant, and business coach.  Nick is a co-owner of the Athletic Revolution franchise and The International Youth Conditioning Association (which focus on the health and wellness of the youth market), as well as Ultimate Business Systems, which provides business coaching services to fitness professionals.  His focus is on the areas of Operations and Finance.  You can read more about Nick here or be his Facebook friend here.

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