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Magnetic Fitness Marketing

When it comes to developing an effective approach to fitness marketing, there are a number of different ways you can go – and unfortunately there are plenty of potential mistakes you can make.

With that in mind, I’ve created this simple fitness marketing guide for you.

Fitness Marketing Rule #1: Always Use A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) That Clearly Answers The Question: Why Should Your Prospects Choose To Use You And Your Services Over Every Other Fitness Professional or Solution Out There? 

You absolutely, positively must be able to answer that question…

Why should anyone choose to use you over any other option that they have available to them?

That becomes the essence of your USP.

Think about your market(s) and what they would like to get from a fitness professional or fitness facility, but currently are not getting, and boldly promise to deliver that to them.

That’s a powerful USP.

Then include your USP in all of your marketing.

Fitness Marketing Rule #2: Always Niche Every Single Marketing Piece To A Specific Target Market So That You Can Speak About The Exact Benefits That Your Target Market Is Looking To Get From You And Your Fitness Business!

Remember, people spend money on a product or service for the benefits that they receive from the product or service, not the features.

When you use niche marketing you will speak to one group of prospects at a time, and will be able to talk to them about the exact benefits that they want to experience.

Whereas, when you mass market your services and try to attract every prospect that you can with all of your marketing, you are never able to really tap into what any one group of prospects really wants (i.e. overweight vs. poor health).

Mass marketing leads to talking about the features of your business.  Niche marketing leads to talking about the benefits of your services.

As well… let’s not forget… niche marketing will also enhance your positioning in your market place by helping to create the perception among your prospects of you being a specialist and not just a generalist.

Fitness Marketing Rule #3
: Always Use An Attention-Grabbing Headline, That Appeals To Your Prospects Self-Interest, In ALL Of Your Marketing!

This is hands-down the number one most important element of creating any marketing piece that gets a tremendous response…

Have a headline that speaks to the self-interest of the prospect, peaks curiosity, or promises to give some news.

Any way you slice it… your headline is THE most important component of every marketing piece that you put together.

A headline is what decides whether someone is going to actually read your ad or just skip right over it.

You should ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS spend most of your time when creating a marketing message on the headline.

It’s just that important.

Fitness Marketing Rule #4
: Always Make An Offer To Propel Prospects To Take Action In EVERY Marketing Piece You Have!

This is pretty straight forward.

EVERY marketing piece that you have, even your Yellow Pages ad, should have some type of offer.

That offer could be a free personal training session, a trial membership or a discount, for example.

Most important, have an offer.

Any advertisement or email that doesn’t make an offer is simply trying to create a brand or an image in the marketplace and is an absolutely waste of your time and money.

As a side note, the more irresistible the offer is, the better the response you will get to the message.

Fitness Marketing Rule #5: Always Have A Specific And Clear Call-To-Action Telling Prospects Exactly What They Should Do To Take Advantage Of The Offer You’ve Made In Your Marketing Piece!

Besides an offer, you must have clear instructions telling your prospects EXACTLY what they should do to take advantage of your offer.

For instance, maybe you would say something like, ‘Call Right Now To Take Advantage Of…’

Don’t ever assume that they are going to know what to do.

Tell them exactly what to do and be clear and concise.

Fitness Marketing Rule #6: Use RISK-REVERSAL With All Of Your Offers, By Guaranteeing Some Aspect Of Your Service!

Risk-reversal is one of THE most powerful ways to craft an irresistible offer.

I could literally write several newsletter issues on this subject alone.

Really… it’s probably THE most powerful way to convert Prospects into clients or members.

By guaranteeing to deliver what it is that you are promising in your marketing message, you are taking all of the risk off of the prospect and putting it on you.

I know this sounds scary, but it builds tremendous credibility with your prospects in your marketplace.

This one change alone can double, triple, even quadruple, the response that you are getting right now from your marketing.

By offering a money-back guarantee on what you do, yes, some people will ask for a refund, but those refunds will be far outweighed by the number of new clients and members that you get from the risk-reversal.

Fitness Marketing Rule #7: Focus At Least Half Of Your Marketing Time, Energy, And Money On Making Up-Sell, Cross-Sell, And Re-Sell Offers To Your Current And Past Clients and Members To Increase The Lifetime Value Of Your Average Client or Member!

The most responsive group of individuals to your marketing is your past and present client or member base.

Always remember, the hardest sale to make is the first sale.

Not only that, but the money to be made in the fitness industry is on the back-end.

The back-end is all of the money that clients spend with you AFTER they have made an initial purchase with you.

Your goal should be to make 8-10 irresistible offers per year to your past and present clients and members.

You can do this through any of your marketing campaigns.

As well, this forces you to continue to come up with exciting and fresh ways to package and repackage services and products into new bundles and programs.

With frequent contact and offers, you will significantly increase the dollar value of each one of your clients or members and will keep them using your services or facility for a much longer period of time.

Focus on the back-end.

Fitness Marketing Rule #8
: Use The EARN, ASK, REWARD Referral System To Get Your Business To Critical Mass (the point where a majority of your new clients or members are referrals)!

EARN referrals by delivering outrageously valuable service.

ASK for referrals frequently either in person or via an outreach campaign.

Always REWARD and recognize the clients who refer new clients to your business with a gift of perceived value.

Put these 8 Rules to work in your business and you’ll be laying the foundation for Magnetic Fitness Marketing. If you want more fitness marketing tips, tactics and strategies, here are a few posts you’ll enjoy:

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