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Fitness professionals: 4000 Diet Books Can’t Be Wrong!


Fitness professionals income from weight management Programs


My friend Alwyn Cosgrove and I just wrapped the development of a product that is going to make a lot of fitness professionals A LOT OF MONEY πŸ™‚ During our conversations we discussed the importance of Weight Management programming as a component of a fitness pros’ business.

Did you know:

  • There are over 4000 diet books currently in print? The reason: supply & demand. There is a huge demand for them so authors – both credible and questionable – keep churning them out.
  • Weight Watchers has been in business for over 40 years and has served MILLIONS of clients.
  • Curves – like them or not, they’re the most successful fitness franchise in the world – has launched a weight management program. Why? $$$$$$$.

So, why is this important?

Simple. People don’t hire a trainer to workout. They hire a trainer to achieve a desired result. And the general consensus among consumers is that their preferred choice to obtain the “typical desired result” – fat loss – is to diet, not to exercise. This means you are leaving a windfall of profits on the table if you ignore what the consumers are telling us when you choose your offerings.

I’m a little pressed for time today…Lots of cool stuff going on at FCG Hedquarters.

So, over the next few posts I’ll elaborate on the concept of Weight Management Programming for Fitness Professionals.

I’ll also share an interview with Weight Management Expert Jayson Hunter in an upcoming post.

Stay tuned!

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