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Fitness Professionals Licensing Act


Fitness Professionals Licensing Act? By Nick Berry


Well, in October 2008, legislation was introduced in the New Jersey State Senate which would place licensing requirements on personal trainers and group exercise instructors in NJ.

The bill would establish a minimum number of 300 hours of board approved coursework, possibly including 50 hours of unpaid internship, or possession of a degree in a related field.

This would have a drastic effect on several levels.

First of all, it will change the format for continuing education for existing fitness professionals.

It will certainly prohibit other individuals from entering the profession.

Of course this will all in turn have an effect on the consumers.

Lastly, if this passes in NJ, what will happen in your state?

You can read more on Bill 2164, the “Fitness Professionals Licensing Act” here

Then answer the following questions below:

Is licensing a good idea?

What effects do you see happening on each of the levels mentioned above?

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