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Fitness Sales Tips

When it comes to selling fitness there are a lot of different approaches.  When I first started getting fitness sales tips from experienced people in the industry they were things like:

  • How to overcome objections.
  • Whoever speaks first loses.
  • Use NLP.
  • It’s all a numbers game just get more leads.
  • Sell the highest price package you can sell.

In hindsight those fitness sales tips were a byproduct of a different era of selling personal training.  I’m not saying they have no value – but things have changed, and with that in mind I wanted to give you some new fitness sales tips that are appropriate for the prospects you’re seeing now and the masses of sales messages that people are exposed to.

So here are my ‘New and Improved’ Fitness Sales Tips:

  1. Sales MUST be thought of as a WIN / WIN for both you and the prospect – not a battle between you. If you think of the prospect as an adversary you may close them on a sale once but they’ll either cancel immediately or be counting the days until they’re done with you.
  2. The foundation of long-term successful fitness sales is providing something of extraordinary value to people.  Do that and selling will become much, much easier.
  3. Sales almost always start with a pain that a prospect has that they desperately want alleviated.  They’re coming to you to alleviate that pain – not to buy workouts.
  4. This is among the most important fitness sales tips I can give you – you’re selling to one person. They need to know how what you offer specifically helps them. They don’t really care about general benefits. They’re unique and they feel their situation and needs are unique. Act accordingly.
  5. Your goal is to sell someone the right fit – not the most you can sell them.  Sell them something they’ll look back in a month and feel like it was the best investment they’ve ever made – not something that they bought because they felt pressured, made an impulse buy or regret buying because you overpromised and underdelivered.
  6. fitness sales
  7. The initial sale is the beginning of a relationship – not the end.
  8. Here’s another of those BIG fitness sales tips: selling is a lot easier when you’ve positioned yourself as a category of one – not a commodity that people can’t discern from the rest.
  9. Selling starts with being the best solution for a particular person.  Are you that best solution?
  10. Selling should be part of a process in the relationship that fits in with everything else.  If you’ve positioned yourself well so that they right people are in front of you and you’ve created a process where they get some experience with what you offer with little risk before they make a long term commitment, then becoming a client is the next step.  It shouldn’t be a high pressure situation.
  11. Social proof is the most underutilized sales tool that you have.  While you may not have walked in the prospective client’s shoes and experienced what they have – if you can show that you’ve helped people who came to you under similar circumstances as the ones the current prospect did and you helped those clients – the prospect will be more confident in your ability to help them.
  12. People associate price too closely with the ability to sell.  It’s a factor, but it’s not the most important factor.  Value is.  If someone sees great value in what you do for them specifically they’ll buy if they have the means.
  13.  Selling comes after someone getting to know you, like you and trust you.  Are you making sure those things happen before you ask for the sale?  If not you should.
  14. Alternate choice closes and downsells are not a sales trick – they’re a tool to help you find the right fit for each prospective client.
  15. Another one of those key fitness sales tips: confidence is key.  You MUST believe that you are the best solution for the person in front of you.  The easiest way to do that is to look at the people who you’ve already helped and find some common traits & characteristics.  Now market to more people with those same traits & characteristics.  They’re your target market.
  16. If you think everyone is your prospect…you’re wrong.
  17. Are you confident enough in what you offer and who you offer it to that you can offer a double your money back guarantee? If not – you should probably dial in your offering or your market.
  18. Track your numbers religiously – close rates, average transaction, etc.  If you don’t track it you can improve on it.
  19. You should think of selling as easy. If someone is already in front of you they want to buy. Otherwise why would they have given you their time. If they don’t buy it’s because they didn’t feel the solution you provide was specific to them and valuable enough to invest the amount you’re charging. Want proof? Think about the deal of the day sites. People buy without being there and meeting you firsthand or knowing the solution is specific to them because they perceive the value to be higher than the cost.
  20. Speaking of Deal of the Day sites – want to know how to close those leads like DOD ones or other ‘low quality’ leads? Treat them like high quality leads.
  21.  If you’re adverse to sales – get over it.  Everything involves a sale.  Find an approach that works for you and the right market that you’re most comfortable selling to and get good at it.  No sales means no business.
  22. And the biggest of all fitness sales tips: everything that you do is moving toward a sale and making it easier or it’s moving you away from a sale and making it harder.  Everything.  If you’re providing a clean facility – closer.  If you’re greeting everyone by name – closer.  If you’re 5 minutes late – farther. Every day you’re re-selling your current clients and keeping them happy or making them happier.  If you do they’ll refer more and purchase more.  Every interaction with a prospect breeds confidence in you as a solution or diminishes it.  Remember – everything you do and every interaction you have is selling.


There you go – 21 fitness sales tips for the here and now.  Hopefully you’ve got some takeaways that you can use.  If you have any fitness sales tips you’d like to add – share them below.


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