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Fitness Business Freedom: More cheese, please


Fitness Business Freedom From Sales


Most of my friends say the same thing to me:

‘Those websites of yours are SOOOOOOO cheesy.’

And I agree. Long sales copy does get pretty ‘cheesy.’

But you know what?

I could not possibly care less.


I could not possibly give less of a rat’s you know what about it.

Know why?

They work. And they work REALLY well.

I just got back from the movies. Because I work ON my fitness business, and not IN it, I can go to the movies whenever I don’t feel like doing anything. And most of the time that is right in the middle of the day.

All of my friends were at their jobs working for somebody else.

Somebody else signs his or her name to their paycheck.

Why am I writing you about this?

If you want to grow the fitness business of your dreams so you can live the life of your dreams you simply cannot care what people think about you.

Not one iota.

Now I realize this is nothing new. I know you know this.


I know from personal experience what can happen when business owners tell friends or family
members about an idea they have, or show them a marketing piece they want to use.

So what can happen?

Well, let’s just say when non-business owners and people who are NOT professional marketers get wind of what they are up to the entrepreneur suddenly second guesses themselves.

Suddenly a great idea is shot to hell. Suddenly a great sales letter or marketing piece gets sh*t all over and goes into the trash.

Again, I’m not telling you anything new.

But are you running your business this way?

Do you ask the advice of people who don’t know what they are talking about?

Do you concern yourself more about people’s opinions or the success of your business?

People who don’t write their own paychecks have NO friggin’ clue what they are talking about.

Do NOT ask for their advice. Dollars to doughnuts it’s worthless.

Do NOT talk to your friends and families about your marketing strategies. Unless they are professional marketers they don’t have the right to tell you anything about promoting your business.

Ask yourself if there’s anything you’re not doing because you’re concerned what others might say or think about you. If there is I can tell you with 100% certainty you must change your

With the risks come the rewards. Let other people worry about what others think of them. As an entrepreneur you have too many dreams and aspirations to live out to care!

Yours in prosperity,

Jim Labadie

PS- Speaking of ‘cheesy’ sales copy, check out:

From what I’m told it’s the best-selling fitness ebook of all time. The sales copy is nothing short of amazing.

PPS- And why not get a copy? Wouldn’t it be smart to know what the best-selling fitness ebook of all time is all about? What it looks like. How it was written. How it leads to further back-end sales.

Wouldn’t that make sense?

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