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Discover The Fastest Path To Building A Systematic, Efficient, Highly Successful Personal Training Business

Take A ‘No Obligation’ Look At The Fitness Industry’s Most Expertly Designed And Result Producing Business Solution And See If Fitness Revolution Is The ‘Missing Link’ To Finally Having The Business You Want

Because you’re reading this I know one thing about you for sure. You’re a dedicated fitness professional who wants to be the best in your area. You want to deliver exceptional service and results to your clients, and you want to provide a great living for yourself and family (if you have one).

I believe most fitness professionals feel that way because most people get into this industry because they truly enjoy helping people – a righteous cause, however not always one that leads to profit.

The sad reality is that most fitness professionals have no idea how to create a stable, smoothly running, successful business that makes them wealthy. They’re great trainers, and even great people, but they’re terrible business operators. Very few get rich, and even less become wealthy. The average income for most trainers in the United States is about $34,000 per year! Many who go off on their own and start a business go out of business and head back for the health club they came from within one year.

If you fall into or near either of those categories, I’m here to tell you…


Colleges, certifications, and certainly health club “business training” programs do nothing to help eager fitness professionals become financially successful. Trainers know how to train, but they have no idea how to get clients or manage a business.

How could they if nobody is properly teaching them?

This is why Fitness Revolution exists…to empower personal trainers who go into business for themselves to truly become business owners.

Here’s What Fitness Revolution Can Do For You

As an Area Exclusive Licensee of Fitness Revolution you’ll gain exclusive access to the tools, systems and support you need to move from being an overworked, self-employed trainer to a true personal training business owner.

The Industry’s Best Business Solution

Fitness Revolution has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as the #1 Personal Training Franchise in the U.S. for two years running.

Our FR Nation Members have been featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, USA Today, Yahoo, ESPN and thousands of other media outlets. Fitness Revolution locations have been recognized as a Top 10 Gym in the U.S. and another as the #1 Independent Gym in America by Men’s Health Magazine.

Now we’re making Fitness Revolution an even more powerful solution for you to build the business that YOU WANT by transitioning it from a Franchise to an Area Exclusive License!

Award Winning Coaching & Support

For 3 years running Fitness Revolution has been recognized by Franchise Business Review as having the highest franchisee satisfaction in North America among all fitness franchises.

As a member of the FR Nation you’ll receive best in class coaching like:

✓ The Development and support of your 1 Year Business Strategic Plan.
✓ Quarterly Business Analysis & Review to keep you motivated and on track.
✓ A protected territory of 100,000 people to give you exclusive rights to the industry’s best systems and solutions.
✓ Access to LIVE and Virtual FR Only Mastermind Meetings to allow you to work ON your business.
✓ Unlimited Private Coaching Calls so that you have an ‘on call’ business coach supporting you.
✓ Unlimited Email Access To Our Team of Expert Coaches
✓ On Staff Unlimited CMS support for Mindbody to make managing your membership easy.
✓ On Staff Unlimited Real Estate support to ensure your success in one of the biggest steps you’ll take.

The First True Fitness Business Alignment System™ For Training Based Businesses

The FBAS is a complete fitness business management system. It can turn your business into the one that you want it to be, can turn you into the business owner you want to be, and can turn your Team into the Team you want them to be.

FBAS is built around organizing the structure of the 5 departments of a fitness business:

  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Finance

Within those departments the FBAS aligns the people and the processes, and teaches you how to assess and manage them for growth. When you have that, then you are able to focus on taking the business, Team, and yourself to the level you need to be at.

FBAS helps you grow, profit, and maintain balance and direction.

FBAS teaches you how to prevent those fires that consume so much of your time by applying basic principles and making them routine.

FBAS is designed to align everyone and everything in your business, point them toward a target, and create repeatable 90 day cycles of planning, execution, growth, and evaluation.

Done For You Systems, Tools and Resources

The Fitness Revolution Success System is home to an unmatched library of systems, tools and resources that will save you time, make you more efficient and allow you to focus your time on the execution of the strategies and tactics you want to put into play rather than the creation of them.

As a Fitness Revolution Licensee you’ll receive:

✓ Over 74 Done-For-You Marketing Blueprint plus ready to use tools, special reports and more.
✓ Quarterly Done-For-You Marketing Calendars.
✓ Done-For-You Systems for Business Management, Operations, Human Resources and more.
✓ Our complete KPI Dashboard to ‘keep score’ in your business.
✓ Our Monthly Exclusive Revolution Report Newsletter.
✓ Our Monthly Virtual Mastermind Calls and Big Idea Modules.
✓ Our proprietary FR Business & Training Certifications to prepare you and your team for success.

In addition to all of this you’ll receive Fitness Revolution Only benefits like…

  • A protected territory of 100,000 people to give you exclusive rights to the industry’s best.
  • Free registration to the Annual FR Convention, One-Day Coaching Events and More!
  • Exclusive access to discounts from our partner Solutions
  • Much, Much More!

Your ‘No Obligation’ Opportunity To See If Fitness Revolution Is The Right Fit For You

If you’d like to learn more about the Fitness Revolution Opportunity and if you and your business might be a good fit for what Fitness Revolution has to offer, simply fill in the Fitness Revolution Discovery Call Form below.

On this call we’ll learn more about your business and your goals and then we’ll give you specific insight into what Fitness Revolution has to offer and how it might work with your business.

There is no obligation with this call and there will be no high-pressure sales tactics. Because each Fitness Revolution Licensee gets a protected territory of 100,000, we are committed to finding the best fit for each territory rather than simply trying to bring on the first person that inquires. Once a territory is gone, it’s gone – and we’re committed to building a group of the top performing fitness business owners in North America. If you are interested in discovering whether you’d be a good fit for Fitness Revolution, simply fill out the form below and we’ll schedule a No Obligation Discovery call.

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