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Generating Instant Income For Your Fitness Business


A Post On Fitness Business Income Generation By Pat Rigsby


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Since I’ve been on the business coaching and franchising side of things for fitness business owners, nothing has surprised me more than the number of business owners who fail to maximize the value of their personal network and their client base.

This is amazing to me because those same fitness business owners will spend piles of money to market to people that they have no prior relationship with.

The truth is, the biggest opportunity for an influx of income into your fitness business is right in your own database. When you make an offer to members of your personal network or existing and past clients, it’s not only easier to sell them something (versus new prospects off the street), but your business actually become more profitable because you don’t have nearly the cost of client acquisition.

The other benefit to this is that it really is providing a better, more complete solution for your existing clients and it’s helping those people in your network achieve their health and fitness goals.

A true win – win.

Your Fitness Business Database

What do you need to get started generating a surge of income for your business?

First, you need to create your Master Networking List.  This is a database of everyone in your area that you know.  You can start developing it by creating a spreadsheet and list the following people:

  • Everyone in your cell phone that is local.
  • Everyone in your email address book that is local.
  • Everyone on Facebook that you actually know and lives locally.
  • All of your clients, former clients and prospects.

List everything you know about them.  If you have any of the following, list it:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Occupation
  • Birthday
  • Address
  • Hobbies / Organizations / Interests

Once you have this list started – and understand now that it’s never finished as you’ll be adding people each and every week (won’t you?) – here’s the next step…

1Fitness Business Income Booster #1 – The Master Network Push

For all the members of your network – friends, family members, neighbors and more – you need to start reaching out and personally inviting them in to experience what you have to offer.

This is an easy one – but I’d bet it goes overlooked 98% by fitness pros trying to grow their business.

Send a personal email or make a personal call and let them know what you offer and invite them in for 2 weeks worth of free training. Here’s what will happen.

  • Some won’t respond.
  • Some will be polite, but they won’t be interested.
  • Some will take you up on your offer and come in to try out your programs.
  • A few will really be excited about your offer and become your biggest advocates.

Assuming that this list is a minimum of 150 people (except in rare circumstances, if the list is less than 150 people – you’re not trying), then you should be able to get through it in about 6-8 weeks if you’re contacting at least 3 people per day.

The added bonus to all this is that you’ll find doors opening for you based on this outreach.  Your friends will know people that can get you public speaking opportunities, PR opportunities and any number of other things.

Treat your Master Network like gold and focus on growing it – you may find that along with the referrals from your existing clients – that’s all you need to get the number of leads you want for your business.


2Fitness Business Income Booster #2 – The Reactivation Campaign

You’d be surprised by how many past clients have no idea why they stopped using your services.  Or maybe they do know – but their reason for leaving was temporary. All they need is a reminder of why they liked working with you…and perhaps a special incentive to come back.

What could you do to reactivate past clients?

You could start with a simple email or personal card with copy something like this:


“I Miss You!”

I’m very concerned.

You were a valued client of mine and I haven’t seen you for a while. I would genuinely like to know the reason why. I hope that you weren’t unhappy in any way with my service or your results.

Or maybe you were concerned about the cost of training and didn’t think you could afford to continue.

I can only guess at why you haven’t continued to be a client but I’m concerned that the goals you had when joining us are going to go unfulfilled.

I want you to know that if there is anything I’ve done that has kept you from continuing, I want to make it right.

So I want to invite you back to train with me for 2 weeks… for free. No strings attached. It’s truly important to me that you reach your health and fitness goals and the best way for me help you is to have you here as a client.

I hope to hear from you in the next few days, and I look forward to seeing you very soon.


(Your Name)


What else works well for reactivating past clients?

  • A phone call from you the owner. People want to be treated like VIPs.  Make them feel appreciated and give them a special offer to come back.
  • Invite them back to special client appreciation events. Make them feel like they’re still part of the community.
  • Invite them to enroll in one of your Transformation Contests or attend a Charity Workout.  These are relatively small commitments compared to a longer term membership and might be just what they need to come back on board.


3Fitness Business Income Booster #3 – The Triple Threat

The next Income Booster is a favorite of mine called the Triple Threat Money Maker.  It’s something we’ve used in our businesses – both training businesses and online businesses actually – and always enjoyed great success.

And the best part is that the Triple Threat Money Maker is super simple to execute – so you have no excuse not to put it into action asap.

Here’s What You Have To Do:

Step 1: The foundation of the Triple Threat Money Maker is raising your program rates.  You should be raising your rates periodically and there is no better time to do this than now as most fitness pros don’t raise their rates often enough. A rate increase of 5% is very reasonable – even conservative for group training or bootcamps.  For 1 on 1 or semi-private, adding $3-5 per session is easy and will virtually never be met with even a hint of a complaint.

Step 2: Notify your current clients that the rates will be increasing on the first of next month by whatever amount you determined was right – however, they can lock in at their current rate by committing to a 12 month membership (6 months is fine too if you’re only selling month to month memberships now).

Step 3: Contact all of your former clients in your fitness business and your prospects, and tell them about the upcoming rate increase.  Let them know that they can lock in at the current rates if they enroll in a 12 month program before the year’s end.

That’s it.

Well, that’s not exactly it…here are some details that we’ve used to make this work like crazy:

  • Use a variety of means to contact your clients.  For our clients, we’ve sent letters and emails as well as making personal calls and in person notifications.  We wanted to make sure that all of their questions were answered and they were not only willing to make the long term commitment – but they were excited about it as they felt like they were getting a great deal.
  • We used the same type of approach for former clients and unconverted prospects.   We sent letters, emails and made phone calls.  We’ve also even used voice broadcasts to remind people on the final day of the offer.
  • It’s always worked best when we’ve intensified the push during the final days of the offer leading up to the deadline.  People are procrastinators so we always make sure that we hit everyone with a call during the final 48 hours and at least one email the last day.


With this approach you’re personal training business is going to make more money in 3 different ways and none of it is a short term boost:

  • You’re going to get current clients to commit for 12 more months – which is longer than the membership lifespan of the average bootcamper.
  • You’re going to get a surge of former clients and unconverted leads who don’t want to miss out on the deal – and they’re all committing for a 12 month term too.
  • All your new clients – and the current ones that don’t want to commit – will be paying you more each month.


Not to mention that when you get the new surge of business you’ll have more people to get referrals from and make back end offers too…

So there you go – the Tripe Threat Money Maker – Income Booster #3.


4Fitness Business Income Booster #4 – The Complete Solution

Offering upsells and back end sales to your current clients is simply trying to provide a more complete solution for the people you serve.  Whether that is giving them an opportunity to buy bands so they can workout on the road or offering them supplements (we recommend Prograde to address some of their nutritional needs – you’re simply better assisting them to achieve the goals that led them to you in the first place).

Nutrition is an easy solution to add on as it’s usually the biggest challenge you face when trying to keep your clients compliant.  The best solution we’ve found that you can add into your business to address making eating supportively easy for your clients is Personal Trainer Foods.

For you it’s great because it doesn’t require a significant investment of time or money and it doesn’t require any inventory.

For your clients it’s equally great as it addresses portion control and convenience – two big nutritional challenges to getting clients achieve their goals.

So with that, here’s how you can integrate Personal Trainer Foods as an upsell and a back end offer into your business.

Step 1: Enroll In The Program – To start offering this solution to your clients you need to enroll in the program so you can start selling products to your clients and receiving a commission for those sales.  If you want to enroll in Personal Trainer Foods program at no charge, you can do that here:

Step 2: Decide How You Will Promote The Products – We set up a few different systems to promote products to our clients.  We had structured offers at:

The Initial Point Of Sale
Periodic Assessments or Meetings
Special Events

If you’re going to follow the same approach, at the point of sale you might educate them about the importance of eating supportively and introduce the solution.

During your assessments you can educate the client on what they might do to accelerate their progress and support what they were doing during their training.

You can use a simple script like this:

“Ms. Jones, you’d like to accelerate your progress, correct?

We both know that when you’re training with me you’re working hard, you’re getting stronger and you’re steadily improving.

What that tells me is that it’s what you’re doing outside the gym / camp that seems to be holding you back.  I know that you’ve told me that you seem to struggle with eating supportively on a consistent basis breakfast, so what I suggest is that you try a nutrition program that a number of our clients have had great success with called Personal Trainer Foods.

This will ensure that you are getting the right portions of protein and produce in a convenient fashion and you’re getting even better results from all the hard work you’re putting in. How’s that sound?”


Step 3: Executing The Plan Every Time – This is the one that most people miss.  So many trainers say that they’re going to make back end sales to their clients – but most never do.
You have to build these processes into your business.  If you can build foam rolling into your training sessions, you can build a simple sales script into a meeting or assessment.

Step 4: Making It Part Of The Culture – For our Wall of Fame and Testimonial books, we not only posted the successes of the client (Ms. Jones lost 27 lbs and dropped 2 dress sizes), but we also shared how frequently they were meeting with their trainer or what program they were in and we shared what ancillary offerings they were using.

You can do things like that when you highlight your client or camper of the week / month, provide the solutions they are using as handouts or in newsletters and have links to your store in every newsletter, on your website and anywhere else you’re share online information.

A few other tips for more Back End Sales:

  • Make it easy to buy.  Keep your laptop around so you can help the client make their initial order – or, if you can’t do that, keep initial order forms handy and process the initial order for your clients.
  • Educate your clients.  Provide them with articles, offer good content in newsletters and educate them on the benefits of everything you do or endorse.
  • Practice what you preach.  It’s much easier to endorse something you believe in enough to use yourself.
  • Only sell what you really believe in.  I’d never tell you to sell something that you’re not 100% behind, so do your homework and pick the products you truly believe will help your clients.


There are 4 Income Boosters for your Fitness Business.

Start down the list and start generating more cash for your fitness business today.


Dedicated to Your Success,



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