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Personal training business success: Help More People

Personal training business success Post By Jim Labadie

(Some words intentionally spelled wrong)


So I’m sitting on a couch in a multi-millyun dollar home talking to a guy who has no interest whatsover in hiring my company to get his lazy you-know-what in shape.

“I don’t have that kind of muney on hand”, he says as I come to the conclusion that this was a complete waste of my time.

“Yeah, right”, I’m thinking to myself. “You’ve got a seven-figure home but you don’t have a couple of bucks to save your own life.”


So how did I get there? Why was I talking to a guy who was in desperate need of improving is health, but had no desire to do it?

Because I didn’t know any better at the time. That’s why.

One of my clients had referred me to her friend. That friend wanted to hire me to train her husband.

But the husband only agreed to meet me for one reason: So he could keep his wife off his back about his detiorating health.

Moral of the story: Never meet with anyone you’ve never talked to. Never meet with anyone unless they are dying to meet with you.

That was before I really put up the “Velvet Rope” in my business.

That is before  I started having real personal training business success.

It is exactly why you should put a “Velvet Rope” up around yours.

My and work in concert with one another to attract the clients you WANT to work with and “close” them within minutes.

Just think: You’ll never have to meet with some lazy SOB ever again who doesn’t want to do the work necessary to literally save their own life.

I wanted to help him, he wouldn’t let me.

That’s why I’m a big believer in helping every person who WANTS help as much as you can.

You cannot help people who do not want to be helped.

You can still love them, but you can’t help them.

Who loves YOU?

You know the answer to that 😉

Jim “The Liberator” Labadie

PS- How many trainers are passing you by? How many of my customers are already way ahead of you? How long are you going to wait before you go after your dreams?

“What can I say about Jim’s materials?

I’ll tell you this – Labadie really understands the ‘inner game’ of sales and marketing. I wrote the book on starting and running a martial arts school, and I’ve also purchased a ton of business training materials over the years… I can honestly say that Jim Labadie stands head and shoulders above his peers in a very crowded field.

If you’re a personal trainer who wants to learn how to get more clients, or a martial artist who wants to learn some valuable sales tips from a fitness pro, do yourself a favor – study Jim’s materials!”

Mike Massie, BAAS, CPT
Certified Martial Arts Instructor

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