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How To Build A Personal Training Business


A Post on How To Build A Personal Training Business by Pat Rigsby


At a recent Accelerator Meeting one of our members answered the question of how to build a personal training business.  He went from about 4K per month to over 40K per month. He attributed much of his success to simply following the Six-Figure Code that we’ve given out as a gift on the FBI site at various points.

With that kind of impact, I thought it was worth sharing here. If you want to know how to build a personal training business, this is a pretty good start.

The Six-Figure Code… How To Build A Personal Training Business

The Six-Figure Code is a systematic way that gives fitness professionals a blueprint for how to build a personal training business by spending less than an hour a day working ON their business. There are 9 activities that when combined together will – over time – position you as a local fitness expert, build an incredible network, generate dozens of new clients, maximize the value of your current clients and allow you to build the business that you’ve always wanted.

The Six-Figure Code is basically a strategically designed To-Do list focused on the highest return activities when it comes to growing your business.

Below is an overview of the components of the Six-Figure Code:


personal training business


To Be Done Daily:

1. Add Two New Personal Contacts To Your Contact Manager

There is no more powerful way to build your business that to build you network. To grow your network you must be proactive, so as part of your Six Figure Code you need to meet two new people each and every day. At minimum, you’ll get their name and contact information and provide them with yours. Ideally, you’ll provide them with your business card that drives them to your website or blog so they can subscribe to your newsletter and you’ll get their birthday when you ask for their contact information.

And remember – the magic in networking is in the follow up, so be sure to reach out to your new contact with an email, card or call within 48 hours of meeting them.

2. Send One Unexpected Card, Make or Unexpected Phone Call To Someone In Your Network

As you know, your network is the lifeblood of your business so it’s not enough to simply make a contact. You have to cultivate that relationship by staying in contact and ultimately turning that contact into a connection. Through experience, we’ve found the best way to strengthen relationships with your network is to send them a personal card, make a personal call or visit with them in person.

Don’t ask for anything – instead offer to be of service to them. Give to get will take you far.

3. Review Your Daily Goals

Virtually all successful people write their goals down and review them regularly. We recommend that you write down your long term, medium term and short term personal and professional / business goals and review them daily. This will keep you focused and on track, help ensure that you are ‘working on’ your business and provide you with continual motivation.

4. Read One Article / Listen To One Audio / Read One Chapter

Education is crucial to building your business and reaching your goals. Being a reader of this blog, obviously you recognize this. However, often people get caught up in their daily activities and don’t make time to continue their education. Each day – at minimum – make time to read at least one article, read one chapter in a book or listen to one audio program. With each of these educational steps you’ll be moving ever closer to your goals.

5. Sell At Least One Thing

If you want to know how to build a personal training business?  It start here.

Without selling nothing else happens. No sales, mean no clients. ‘No clients’ means no career. So each and every week you should consciously sell at least one thing, no matter if you’re only one week into a new offering or have a full slate of clients. Sell nutritional supplements, a weight management program, a foam roller or your DVD. Sell current clients into future programs before their current program ends. See how great you can make the lifetime value of each of your clients. If you need more new clients, commit to selling something to someone new each week…even if it’s only one session. There is no better way to become a great salesperson than to sell and sell often.


personal training business


To Be Done Weekly:

1. Send An E-mail Newsletter

You need to be in regular contact with your network and there is no easier way to do that than an e-mail newsletter. It is the perfect complement to your personal cards and any personal calls you might make. You should send a minimum of one newsletter per week and use it as an opportunity to give recognition to your clients, pre-sell your offerings and strengthen relationships by providing valuable information.

2. Ask For 2 Referrals A Week

Referrals should ultimately be the foundation of your marketing plan. Referrals of clients, corporate opportunities, speaking engagements and other opportunities from your clients and your network can and should be the engine that drives your business – but they only happen if you ask. So each week you will ask for a minimum of two referrals from current clients or members of your network.

3. Make 5 Phone Calls To Schedule Speaking Engagements

There is no better or faster way to become perceived as an expert in a prospect’s eyes than to have them in the audience of an event you are speaking at. During a speaking engagement you can generate numerous new members for your network and any number of new clients – and the best part is you are doing it with great leverage. A half hour or hour of your time to build relationships with several to hundreds of people – not many things can potentially provide this type of great ROI. So you will be consistently calling at least five organizations, groups or businesses each week to generate speaking opportunities.

4. Write and Submit One Press Release

Publicity is the best advertising in the world, so generating publicity must be part of your weekly plan. By getting in the habit of writing and sending press releases you are ensuring that sooner or later you’ll position yourself as a local and possibly national or international expert.


green-tickExtra Credit:

If you want to accelerate your progress, here are some other high return activities you can integrate into your Six Figure Code Weekly Plan:

1. Fix a Component of Your Business

This is one that most all fitness professionals overlook, but it will lead to incredible business growth over time. Break your business down into 3 areas:

  1. Sales & Marketing

  2. Service Delivery

  3. Operations

Each week pick one area and choose one aspect of that area to improve. For Sales & Marketing it might be your Sales Presentation, for Service Delivery it might be your Assessment – each week it’s up to you. Pick one thing and find a way to improve it. After 52 weeks you’ll have made 52 improvements to your business – something most people only dream about.  When you think about how to grow a personal training business, incremental improvement is a great place to focus.

2. Add Keyword Articles To Your Website

If you want your website to show up in the search engines you need to add content that relates to what people are searching for. Each week pick 1 keyword (i.e. / [your city] personal trainer, personal training [your city] etc) and write an article for that keyword. Be sure to use the keyword in the title as well as several times in the body.

3. Create 2-3 minute informative videos and submit them on YouTube.

Optimize the videos for your local keywords and e sure to include a call to action at the end to get the viewers to your visit your website or call you.

4. Connect with clients and their networks on Facebook.

Post photos of workouts, congratulate clients on successes and share tips and motivation on Facebook. This is virtual networking in it’s simplest form so use it.

This is your blueprint for how to build a personal training business. Apply the Six-Figure Code to your fitness business and you’ll instantly start reaping the rewards – and they’ll multiply with each successive week and month you continue to take action.


Dedicated to Your Success,



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