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Making Money With Weight Management Programs


A Post On Weight Management Programs By Pat Rigsby


Hopefully I peaked your interest the other day with my brief post about weight management. Personally, I think that for virtually all fitness pros – excluding the sports performance folks – it’s a ‘no brainer’ to add weight management programs to your business model. By adding this component you can potentially double your income and your client base.

Starting to sound interesting?

So just to start you thinking, here are the 3 ways we use our weight management program in our business:

Entryway Program – We use it as a”feeder program” because it funnels more people into our personal training services with an open-to-buy mindset. People who otherwise probably would not have been interested in personal training. Better yet, these people ALMOST ALWAYS (200% more often than our traditional clients) are willing to invest in dietary supplements like meal replacements and multivitamins.

Deluxe Program – We also use our weight management program as an Up Sell at the point of innitial sale with personal training. We offer a discount from our normal WM price if the client would like to upgrade to our ‘deluxe program’ that incorporates both training and WM. Not only do you increase the transaction value, but you also increase the likelihood of the client’s success by giving them more nutritional guidance.

Back End Program – We also offer our WM program to our exisiting clients as a ‘back-end service.’ If a client is not progressing at the rate they would like it is often due to the dietary choices that they’re making, so this is a logical addition to their program.

So we have 3 different ways that we position our weight management programs…

And the best part of Weight Management Programs: No matter how we get the client involved they invest more in our other back-end offerings like dietary supplements, are more likely to be successful, refer more frequently and stay with us longer.

Getting more interesting by the minute, huh?

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