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Marketing For Personal Trainers: Your Audit


A post on Marketing For Personal Trainers By Pat Rigsby, Justin Yule & Ryan Ketchum

There are dozens of products and hundreds of articles and posts about marketing for personal trainers available…and a significant percentage of them are on this site.  Unfortunately, this abundance of information can often lead to overwhelm for you, the business owner.

With this post Ryan Ketchum, Justin Yule and I wanted to approach marketing for personal trainers from a different angle.  We wanted to give you a means of cross-referencing the various fitness marketing strategies available to you with what you are actually doing to grow your business.

So this how you should use this audit:

1Step One: Work through the questions one by one.  We’ve provided you with questions that address most key areas of marketing for personal trainers.  Answer each question as completely and honestly as possible.

2Step Two: Pick one specific area that you want to improve and that you’re willing to do the work on and dial it in. Remember, there are dozens of paths to improved marketing for personal trainers.  You don’t need to do them all and you certainly don’t need to do them all at once.

3Step Three: Rinse and Repeat. Once you’ve improved one specific area, move to the next. Once you have your positioning where you want it, dial in a couple lead generation strategies that work for you.

So here’s your audit…


check mark 30Positioningthe foundation of marketing for personal trainers is their unique position.  If you don’t have a solid position to build from then you are forever forced to compete on price.

Have you identified what makes you unique?

Have you asked your favorite clients what they love about your business?

What do you want people to say about your business?

What do you do better than anyone else in your market?  The SPECIFIC result…

Why should prospects choose you over all other options available to them?


check mark 30Online Lead Generation Tacticsmarketing for personal trainers has largely evolved from exclusively offline to being at least 50% online.  Rarely does someone do business with you without at least doing some research about you online. You don’t need to make online marketing your primary focus, but you need to make what you do have online reflect you well.

Are you running Facebook Ads?

Do you have a Facebook Business Page that you post on regularly and collect leads from?

Do you run promoted posts to capture leads?

Have you optimized your website for local search?

Do you run Google PPC ads?

Have you listed your site on Google Places, Yelp and the other online directories?

Have you run a daily deal with sites like Groupon or Living Social?

Do you submit press releases regularly about your events, accomplishments, and awards?

Do you guest post for other businesses blogs or have other businesses send out endorsed emails to their list?

Do you have at least one squeeze page with a free opt in gift?

Do you use YouTube to post and optimize your video content?

Does your website have a strong headline, the benefits that appeal to your target market, social proof and a call to action?

Do you have a LinkedIn profile?


check mark 30Offline Lead Generation Tacticsoffline marketing for personal trainers is a category with dozens of options.  Better to choose a couple strategies that you can be great at than try to do a half dozen of them and do them all poorly. Choose a couple that you will enjoy (or at least don’t dislike) and run with them.

Are you a member of a networking group like BNI, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, etc.?

Do you have a direct response ad with a lead capture “B” offer in a local weekly publication?

Do you have a “Business of the Month” program in place?

Do you have a “School of the Month” program in place?

Have you set-up Joint Ventures with local chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, running stores, or even Lululemon?

Are you booking public speaking opportunities each month?

Do you participate in local community events that are health or fitness related?

Do you aggressively try to add people to your network daily or weekly?

Do you use things like lead boxes or door hangers?

Do you do direct mail?

marketing for personal trainers


check mark 30Internal MarketingInternal marketing for personal trainers where most want to focus their time, and with good reason.  Referrals are the highest quality leads.  You get to stay in your facility and interact with people you know and like.  Use these questions to optimize your internal marketing approach.

Are you asking clients at the point of sale if they have a friend they want to train with?

Are you running charity workouts regularly?

Are you running “Bring a Buddy” workouts?

Have you run a reactivation campaign?  (January & September are great times to do this!)

Are you systematically asking for client referrals at the 30 day point in the clients membership?

Are you asking for referrals when a client reaches a goal?

Do you have a Referral Reward Program?

Do you publically recognize your clients>

Do you have an email or print newsletter?

Do you hold client appreciation events?


check mark 30Conversion Processmarketing for personal trainers isn’t just about getting leads.  It’s about turning those leads into clients.  Use these questions to tighten up your conversion process.

Do you have a sales process in place or are you just “winging it”?

Do you have a low-cost front end offer to allow people to test-drive your services?  Do you rotate those offers so they don’t get “stale”?

Do you offer a “Fast Action Bonus” for people who sign-up after their first FEO day?  Do you have a tiered offer process with different offers throughout the FEO?

Do you relay the benefits of the program during the sales process or do you highlight the features of your program?

Do you have a system for building rapport from the very first experience with the prospective client?

Do you have a system or script for asking the right questions during the sales process?

Are you using an A/B close during the sales process?

Do you have a system for overcoming objections in your sales process.

Do you have varied price points to provide solutions to more of your prospects?

Do you have a downsell?


check mark 30Core Offeringswhen you think about marketing for personal trainer you probably aren’t thinking about the services that you provide, but ultimately that’s the basis of your marketing: what you’re actually trying to provide.  Here are several questions to help your offerings be more appealing and more profitable.

Is your pricing set up on 3, 6 and 12 month membership options?

Have you optimized your pricing strategy to get the most value out of each transaction?

Do you have an immediate upsell in place at the POS?

Are the terms of the membership clearly explained?

Is the scheduling procedure clearly explained?

Do you offer a money back guarantee or any other risk reversal?

Do you have a system for renewing clients 60-90 days before their contract expires?

Do you have a system in place for upgrading clients from 3 month to 12 month memberships?


check mark 30Experiencemost of the marketing for personal trainers that we think about is the traditional lead generation stuff, but providing an extraordinary experience will make all of your marketing efforts more valuable.  Here are questions to help you dial that in.

Do you send out a welcome letter or “shock & awe” package?

Do you celebrate birthdays?

Do you celebrate membership anniversaries?  Do you provide gifts for each “level” – 3, 6, 12 months, 1, 2, 3…years?

Do you call members when they no-show to check up on them?

Do you call each member once per month to check-in and see how they’re doing?

Do you screen your large group training members and customize their workouts?

Do you have a nurturing sequence for at least the first 30 days?

Do your clients get greeted at the door for each session by name with a smile?

Do you acknowledge and celebrate successes or when a client reaches a goal?

How are you making your clients feel important and valued?

Do your clients feel as if they belong to a special, select community?


check mark 30Back End Opportunitiesmarketing for personal trainers shouldn’t end once someone becomes a client.  Maximizing the value of someone once they become a client should be part of your business growth strategy provided you’re adding value to their experience. Use these questions to help you maximize this opportunity.

Do you sell supplements through an affiliate link or in house?

Do you run transformation contests?

Do you offer nutrition coaching in 1:1 and/or group settings?

Do you run workshops every month or at least every quarter?

Do you sell complimentary affiliate products to your customers and non-customers?

Do you promote things through autoresponders?

Do you use scripts to promote your back end offers at strategic times?


There is your series of questions. So print them and keep them as an idea jogger to help you move your business forward. Marketing for personal trainers is a never ending process and this checklist is just one more tool to help you improve.


Dedicated to Your Success,




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