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Marketing Personal Training


A Post on Marketing Personal Training by Pat Rigsby

As opposed to what you may have thought – marketing personal training isn’t some manipulative thing or anything you should feel uncomfortable with.

Honestly, if you like people and are good at what you do – marketing personal training with the approach we teach should actually be pretty enjoyable.

Marketing – at least the stuff we teach – can be boiled down to 3 things:

  1. Connecting
  2. Creating Value
  3. Delivering Experience

If you’re doing those 3 things each and every day – you’re marketing personal training extraordinary well, even if you didn’t realize it.

1. Connecting – Connecting is the basis of all marketing. If you aren’t connecting then you can’t share what you create or deliver any sort of experience.

Marketing Personal Training

So what is connecting for the purposes of marketing?

It’s simply making sure that everyone you know is aware of what you do, how you can help them and how they can participate. It’s letting them know that it’s not a one way street and that you want to help them with anything they need. It’s a relationship.

You start with the people you already know and you expand that circle daily with everyone you meet. Remember – the goal of any marketing effort from direct mail to a TV commercial is to give you the opportunity to connect.

One more thing – connecting is ongoing. The magic is in the follow up so don’t settle for letting your relationships, new or old, die after one contact.

Here’s a simple but important rule for you to follow:

If you go more than one day without connecting with a new person you are failing your business.

Yes – failing. If you are interested in marketing personal training then there is no real reason that you go 2 days in a row without connecting with someone new unless you’re focused on the wrong things.

Don’t be.

Focus on Connecting. Daily.


2. Creating Value – Creating value can come in a variety of forms:

  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Talks given to audiences
  • Workshops
  • Videos
  • Shared education on Facebook
  • Handouts
  • Individual discussions with clients
  • Training Programs
  • Success Sessions
  • Orientations
  • Education basically delivered in ANY format
  • Etc.

Basically, what you create is how you let the people to whom you’re marketing personal training to know that you can help them. It can be educating the prospective client through a Success Session or a newsletter so that they begin to understand how you can help or it can be creating a training program and delivering it in a trial so that they can experience it firsthand.

But creating value goes beyond that. Creating value is always making certain that the clients you already serve feel like what they receive from you is far more valuable than the price that you charge for it.

The more value you create, the more people will discover why you’re the best solution for them and the people they refer.


3. Delivering Experience – If the value you create is the tangible fitness part of what you provide, the Experience is the rest.

It’s knowing your clients’ Birthdays and Anniversaries. It’s sending a personal note after you meet someone and an unexpected gift when they refer someone or when a client reaches a goal.

It’s the atmosphere you provide. It’s the personal interest you show in the people you already serve or aspire to.

Delivering Experience is what makes a happy client a raving fan and a prospective client quickly recognize that no one else really compares to you.

Now please understand that the Big 3 can take many forms, but they should all be present and accounted for whenever you are marketing. If you aren’t sure, just ask yourself these questions whenever you’re embarking on a marketing plan:

  1. How will I connect with the prospective client?
  2. Once I connect, how can I share the value that I’ve created with them?
  3. How can I deliver an experience to the prospect that is superior to any they’ve had before with a fitness business?

Ask yourself those three questions. If you are happy with the answers then you’ve likely got a marketing plan that will produce.

One more thing…you want a Formula For Success…here it is:

green-tickStep One: Connect with an average of one person every Two: Make sure the majority of those connections are sitting down with you for a Success Session and you are Selling Three: Create Value for all of your prospects and clients with great frequency and in various formats.

green-tickStep Four: Work daily on Delivering an Experience that exceeds every other training business in your market.

This approach to marketing personal training and growing your business is basically foolproof if followed. Will you follow it?


Dedicated to Your Success,



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