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My #1 Fitness Business Marketing Tip

What’s my #1 fitness business marketing tip?

People ask me this all the time…

Honestly, asking what my #1 fitness business marketing tip is is like asking what the best training tool is.

Dumbbells, kettlebells, bands… everyone has their own opinion.

Same with marketing tactics.

Some people love public speaking while others can’t stand it.

Pay per click is a favorite for some, while others avoid it completely.

But here is one thing that you can go to the bank on when it comes to marketing:

If something works – do more of it.

If you’re good at public speaking, find more places to speak.

If yard signs work – put more out.

Seems simple, but it’s more uncommon than you’d ever believe.

Coaches come to me and say ‘I’ve been getting a lot of leads from networking, so I need something else I can do.’

Ummmm… how about more networking?

So my #1 fitness business marketing tip is this: If something is working – do more of it.

That’s pretty much what we’re doing with live events.

Our most successful clients are the ones who attend live events.

They are the ones who always do the best job of implementing.

So it dawned on us: do more live events 😉

We have the Elite Training Workshop (about 10 spots remaining):

The Toronto Fitness Professionals Summit:

And at the beginning of next week I’ll be opening the doors to the
biggest one of all – The Fitness Business Weekend.

It will be held in Louisville this October 14th – 16th and it will be our
best fitness business event yet.

Don’t miss it.

Dedicated to Your Success,


P.S. – If you’re on the East Coast – you want to be at the Elite Training
Workshop. Grab one of the last spots here:


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