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The Most Valuable Type Of Personal Trainer Marketing


Avoid This Critical Personal Trainer Marketing Mistake

Most fitness pros make a crucial personal trainer marketing mistake – and I’m going to help you avoid it.

Let me explain. Based on my informal research, trainers spend about 80% of their marketing budget on outbound marketing and advertising efforts. The remaining 20% of the money goes to current clients.

That may be how the personal trainer marketing game has always been played. But it’s a strategy that will not win in today’s industry, because you’ll lose to the chain clubs and infomercials most every

Is there a smarter way for you to market your personal training business?

What if you inverted the equation and spent 80% of your personal trainer marketing dollars on your current clients?

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Does that sound like a ridiculous notion?

Are you asking yourself what your return could possibly be?

I’ll tell you right now, your return will be great. What I’m talking about is refocusing your personal training marketing dollars on creating a client referral program.

Here are three key concepts for redirecting your marketing focus to increase referrals:

1. Ensure that your existing clients understand the full scope of what you can offer.

People talk most about your work when they really understand it. But unfortunately, the majority of our clients have experienced the benefit of only a few of our skills.

For example, as a personal trainer, your clients may have experienced your ability to design and supervise fat loss programs in semi-private settings. But those same clients have probably never experienced what you can do when it comes to training athletes, nutritional coaching, group training and so on.

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In other words, they never realize the full extent of your capabilities and how those skills can improve their lives and the lives of the people they know.

So what happens? They don’t understand everything involved with your services and can’t fully appreciate all of your expertise. As a result, referrals don’t come as quickly as you might like because your clients don’t realize the full range of people you can help.

2. Discuss the subject of growth with your clients.

Growth is a natural part of life. It demonstrates that you are a positive, optimistic, and enthusiastic person. In fact, I haven’t known many people who don’t appreciate a person who is positive and active about advancing herself, whether personally or professionally. The problem is most of us tend to get indifferent about advancing ourselves at times.

Have you noticed that when you have a growth mindset, other people just seem to match your level of excitement?

Yet many trainers consider it taboo to discuss their desire to grow their business by referral—especially with existing clients. The common reaction is, “I can’t discuss or ask for referrals. It will make me look cheap or salesy.”

That’s simply wrong. And while we’re at it, let’s dispel another false assumption that stops trainers from asking for referrals. Many trainers say to themselves, “If I share my desire to grow my personal training business by discussing introductions and referrals with my clients, they may question my loyalty to them.”

That, too, is a ridiculous notion.

3. Reward referral-generating behavior.

It amazes me how many trainers don’t recognize and reward referral-generating behavior–whether it comes from their clients or even their sphere of influence.

Much as you reward your child who brings home a good report card, you must reward any person who sends business your way. Start by focusing on your clients.

Make them all aware that there’s something in it for them–a gift, free product, extra sessions–when they refer people to you. And by all means, follow through and reward them. But be careful: Don’t fall into the trap of rewarding the client only when their referral does business with you, or when you close the sale.

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So before you go out and invest in direct mail or newspaper ad, think about refocusing your market efforts among those who know best what a valuable resource you are. Don’t squander the power of your own client base to promote your services and grow your personal training business. Flip your 80/20 personal trainer marketing budget and effort ratio in your favor by focusing your fitness marketing resources on creating a referral network that will compound in value year after year.

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