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Personal Training Business Success

I don’t let anyone do this.

Do what?

Write to my list.

But I have great respect for my friend Pat Rigsby. I don’t know of anyone in the fitness industry better at creating systems than him.

So I invited Pat to write to you today. Here it is:
Have you ever compared your personal training business to a McDonald’s?

Probably not.

But, before you go and condemn me for mentioning the restaurant chain that inspired the fitness horror story “Supersize Me” – let me explain why you might want to start emulating some of the things that McDonald’s does if you’re ever going to achieve maximum success with your personal training business.

So then what in the world could you learn from McDonald’s?

It’s simple:

Create a systematized way of running your business
Other than being the second largest private land owner in the world (great for building equity in your business…but that’s another newsletter) the thing that McDonald’s does exceptionally well, that has allowed them to become a massively successful company, is to deliver a consistent product through a replicable system.

They have a system that will provide you the same hamburger whether you’re in Jupiter, FL or in Elizabethtown, KY.

They’ve got a system for how the staff delivers the food to you the customer.

They’ve got a systematic approach to ordering their food and inventorying it.

They’ve got a specific system for opening a new location.

They’ve even got a system for cleaning the restaurant.

Like them or not, they’ve created systems that have made them billions of dollars, allowed them to create replicated models all over the world and helped entrepreneurs that couldn’t cook become millionaires by opening their franchises.

It’s also those easily replicated step-by-step systems that allow them to command such a high price tag from potential franchisees.

You see, people will pay big bucks for a McDonald’s franchise because of their systems that virtually guarantee success.

When was the last time you saw a McDonald’s fail?
So, here are the two big questions…

1. Can you create replicable systems?
2. How would it help your business?

The answer to number one is a resounding YES!

The answer to number two is a little longer.

By creating systems in which to train your clients, run your business and develop your staff – you’ll be able to generate consistent and predictable results.

And consistent and predictable results always leads to a consistent and predictable income.

By developing systems, you’ll also be able to plug in employees and know that your businesses clients will continue to get great results while you leverage someone else’s time.

When you’ve developed effective systems you’ll also set yourself up to open multiple locations (if you choose) and continue to generate the same success.

And something that most trainers never give a second’s thought to:
When you create “turn-key” systems you dramatically increase the value of your business when you choose to sell it. Now potential buyers are buying a system for success rather than some equipment and a few leftover bottles of protein powder.

In fact, I’d suggest you begin approaching your business as if you’re getting ready to launch your own franchise. And in order to do that you have to be able to pass along a system that will virtually guarantee your franchisees success.

By systematizing your business you’ll not only make more money, but you’ll also make your life a whole lot easier.

So let me leave you with three easy steps to start you on your way to creating a systematic approach to your Personal training business:

1. Begin documenting everything you do and organizing it into your own “franchise operations manual.” Put everything from the way you perform an assessment to the way that you clean bathrooms on paper in a fashion that someone else would easily understand and be able to replicate.

2. Start delegating “minimum wage work.” If you’re going to move from technician to entrepreneur you must eventually allow other people to actually perform the day-to-day tasks associated with running your business. Start with the small stuff like entering data, going to the post office, cleaning, etc. You’ll eventually become more and more comfortable with passing on responsibility.

3. Set a timeline for someone to replace you. Set a specific date when you will have trained someone to perform your role in the business. Not only will this free you up to grow the business and tackle other projects, but it will also increase the value of your company.

And you never thought anything good came from McDonalds!
Thanks, Pat!
Yours in prosperity,
Jim Labadie

PS- If you don’t already have a copy of Pat’s AMAZING ebook – – you’re missing out in a BIG way. Check out the testimonials!

1) “If you are really looking to stand out from the crowd, leverage your time and maximize your revenue generation, profits and personal fitness fortune, then look no further. As with anything in life, it takes ACTION! So get moving, and start enjoying your new found ‘Fitness Riches’!!!”
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Yours in Health,
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2) “The e-book was outstanding. It was jammed packed full of ready to use top-notch marketing, sales and overall operations material that I’ve already begun to incorporate. If you just incorporate one of the methods presented, the revenue derived will more than pay for the cost of the book.
Keep the great info coming.”
Stay Fit,
Doug J. Krueger, Owner
Peak Performance

3) “ is a great book. It’s given me a lot of food for thought as well as many great ideas for building my company. I would highly recommend it! As someone based in the UK, it’s also more than valuable to see what’s happening ‘across the pond’ in the US, and provides a great insight into a lot of what may well be happening here in the near future.”
Justin Buckthorp

4) “ was truly sensational. Reading this book was a bit overwhelming at first. Reading everything from breaking the trend of just offering one-on-one training to running semi-private sessions, to getting recognized on the web, to offering additional profit centers, was a lot to take in at first. However, all the authors made it very easy to understand and made me see the light…I can do this too.

Nice job to everyone who contributed.”
Jason Zaretzky

5) “ is a must have for any professional. Each chapter covers a certain topic that is sure to increase your revenue (even just using one chapter is worth the price of the book, and you get 18 in this gem!!!). This is “in the trenches” stuff that wasn’t taught in school when you got your exercise degree nor when you got your certification.”

Kevin Valluzzi

6) The book was great. makes you think beyond just being a personal trainer. The book lets you know that you can be very successful in the fitness business and shows you plenty of ways do get there from people who have done it.
David Dubail

7) “After reading Alwyn Cosgrove’s chapter I found myself wondering why people in the fitness industry do the things they do.

You guys are insulting yourselves to call your project a book. It’s more like a how to manual for fitness idiots like myself. All one has to do is read the material, several times would be good, and apply it. That’s it.

No offense, but you guys are stupid for charging what you do. I’m not sure how you came up with $37, but I’m glad I got my copy because you need to raise the price. Any dollar amount would be well worth the information because it is literally priceless.”

Dan Kamauff CSCS

8) “ has helped me grow my training business dramatically. It is loaded with useful nuggets. A must have for every trainer serious about taking his business to the next level.”

Chris McCombs

9) “ is amazing. I read the whole thing in two days. Unlike many books that you need to read in their entirety before using the information, each chapter of Fitness Riches has things you can implement immediately to start improving your business.
Thank you for sharing these systems, proven by people who have used them “in the trenches” to help those of us serious about our business continue to improve.”

Tony Maslan
Custom Fit Personal Training, LLC
Evansville, IN

10) Wow! What more can I say when you get the best of the best in the fitness industry, to all contribute one major gem of a marketing idea each and put it into one book. I have already taken just a few things that you wrote in the book Pat and have changed the way I market my business.

It took no time at all to start seeing my revenues go up this month and that is in the slower summer time. I now have new ideas that I can role out every couple weeks to give me an endless flow of clients and income.”

Best Regards,
Justin La Pointe
Oregon City, Or.

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