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Personal Training Business:Time Leverage


A Post on Personal Training Business Efficiency By Pat Rigsby


 Personal Training Business:Time Leverage

You can make a nice income, but you’re never going to get rich simply selling your own time in your personal training business.

Let me give you an example:

If you train clients (sell your time) at $50 per hour and you train 6 clients per day, the maximum that you can earn is $300 per day.

Not bad. But when you consider paying the club or studio if you’re training there – or travel expenses and time if you go to clients’ homes – not extraordinary.

Now, what if you hired a couple of trainers and were able to pay them $25 instead of $50?

You could provide them with your proven systems that consistently deliver results and any procedures that you follow.

Now you could spend more of your time selling their time. If you sold four of those trainer’s time at $50 per session and still paid them each $25 per session, each of those trainer’s providing six sessions a day would pay you $600 for doing no more work. Probably less.

This is a basic point, but one that is crucial if you want to make a lot of money from your personal training business. Selling your own time not only provides poor leverage, but also can wear you out – quick.

Does that mean you shouldn’t continue to train. No. What it does mean is you should be constantly looking for ways to better leverage your time.

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