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Personal Training Profits Center #3: Autoship Nutritional Supplements


Personal Training Profits By Pat Rigsby


The easiest add-on to increase your personal training profits of all…Autoship Nutritional Supplements.

Maybe you can’t find the time or space to deliver the other two programs I’ve talked about.

Maybe you don’t enjoy teaching Weight Management classes and don’t want to hire someone else to run the program.

Perhaps you just don’t want to run those programs.

No sweat.  There still is an easy option to add another revenue stream to your business.

Start offering autoship supplements.

This one is the easiest of all.  It doesn’t require a significant investment of time or money.

It doesn’t require any inventory – though you can keep a few products on hand for sampling or display if you want.

In fact, unless you philosophically have a problem with offering supplements (and if that’s the case you will probably want to pass on the remainder of this post), this is a no brainer.

Your clients are buying things like meal replacement, multi-vitamins, fish oil somewhere.  Do you want them leaning on you for advice (and spending their money with you) or trusting the 19 year old guy down at GNC?

Now, I will get something out of the way now before I go any farther:  I strongly endorse Prograde Nutrition and their autoship program.

I’m biased since Nick and I have worked with Prograde from their inception and believe in the products and how they treat the trainers that work with them.  So, while I’m sure there are other autoship solutions that you could use, the only one I can vouch for is Prograde.

OK – so with that I will move on and tell you how you can immediately integrate autoship supplements to increase your personal training profits:

Step 1: Decide What You’re Going To Offer and Enroll In A Program – First off, you need to determine what you’re interested in offering your clients.  For us, we initially focused on what we considered the basics:

  • A Multi-Vitamin
  • Meal Replacement
  • Fish Oil
  • Post Workout Recovery Drink

While there are obviously any number of other options, we felt that by streamlining things it would be easier to education not only our clients, but also educate our staff.

So decide what you want to offer and then enroll in the program so you can start selling products to your clients and receiving a commission for those sales.  If you want to enroll in Prograde’s autoship program at no charge, you can do that here:

Step 2: Decide How You Will Promote The Products – We set up a few different systems to promote products to our clients.  We had structured offers at:

  • The Initial Point Of Sale
  • Our Initial Trainer / Client Meeting
  • Periodic Assessments
  • Special Events

At the point of sale we might offer them a coupon for 15% off their first order.

During our initial Trainer / Client Meeting we would educate the client on what they might do to accelerate their progress and support what they were doing during their training.

In our periodic assessment we used simple scripts like this:

“Ms. Jones, you seem frustrated with your rate of progress.


We both know that when you’re training with me you’re working hard, you’re getting stronger and you’re steadily improving.v


What that tells me is that it’s what you’re doing outside the gym / camp that seems to be holding you back.  I know that you’ve told me that you seem to struggle with eating a supportive breakfast, so what I suggest is that you start having a meal replacement shake each morning as your breakfast.


This will ensure that your breakfast isn’t sabotaging all your hard work and preventing you from getting the results you want. How’s that sound?”

But what if your client is getting great results?  No problem…they’ll be even more open to your suggestions for continuing or even accelerating their progress.

Step 3: Executing The Plan Every Time – This is the one that most people miss.  So many trainers say that they’re going to make back end sales to their clients – but most never do.

You have to build these processes into your business.  If you can build a warm up into your training sessions, you can build a simple sales script into a meeting or assessment.

Step 4: Making It Part Of The Culture – For our Wall of Fame and Testimonial books, we not only posted the successes of the client (Ms. Jones lost 27 lbs and dropped 2 dress sizes), but we also shared how frequently they were meeting with their trainer or what program they were in and we shared what supplements they were using.

You can do things like that when you highlight your client or camper of the week / month, provide recipes for smoothies using the meal replacement you recommend as handouts or in newsletters and have links to your store in every newsletter, on your website and anywhere else you’re share online information.

Tips For Personal Training Profits Success –

Here are a couple tips that will help you enjoy success offering autoship supplements:

  • Make it easy to buy.  Keep your laptop around so you can help the client make their initial order – or, if you can’t do that, keep initial order forms handy and process the initial order for your clients.
  • Educate your clients.  Provide them with articles, offer good content in newsletters and educate them on the benefits of everything you do or endorse.
  • Practice what you preach.  It’s much easier to endorse something you believe in enough to use yourself.
  • Only sell what you really believe in.  I’d never tell you to sell something that you’re not 100% behind, so do your homework and pick the products you truly believe will help your clients.
  • Promote outside of your client base. Try to build your network and your newsletter list.  People who may not be a current client could still be a customer for products.  Supplements are much less of a financial, time and sweat investment than training – so they are a great way to get prospects to do some business with you.

So what can you expect from autoship supplement sales?  Hard to tell.  Prograde offers 30% commission on products sold, so if you sell $1000 in products – you’ll make $300.

I know guys like Tyler English are already netting over a thousand a month and that number is steadily climbing. If you’ve got a decent number of campers or clients, $500, $1000 or even $1500 per month is not unrealistic if you’re systematically introducing the nutritional supplements to your clients.

Not bad for a minimal investment of time and money;)

Like I mentioned previously, we endorse Prograde’s autoship program – so if you want to enroll at no charge, you can do so here:

So there you go – 3 ready to implement Profit Centers that can easily add several thousand dollars to your revenue each month.  Now your job is to pick which one(s) you want to put into place and then just follow the steps I’ve outlined.

Dedicated to your success,

Pat Rigsby

Pat Rigsby is a Co-Owner of the International Youth Conditioning Association & the youth fitness franchise Athletic Revolution as well as a fitness industry consultant serving thousands of personal trainers and fitness entrepreneurs. Sign up for his fitness business free newsletter to discover proven marketing, sales and business strategies, along with blog updates, news, and more! While you’re at it, follow him on Twitter.

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