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Personal Training Profits: Done For You


Personal Training Profits. A post by Pat Rigsby



In general, people are willing to pay more for anything just to give in to their convenience.

The old Chinese Proverb goes like this:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

But most people don’t want to learn to fish.

They want you to catch the fish, clean it, cook it and serve it.

The more you do for them – the happier they are.

They don’t want to make decisions.  They are busy. They’re bombarded with information and choices, so the simpler you make it and the more you do for them – the better your business will be.

Done For You can be as small as Lunchables at the grocery store or as big as a franchise like Athletic Revolution.

But the one thing in common is that it’s designed to make things easier for the customer or client.

So how can you integrate Done For You into your personal training business for more profits?

Here are a few ideas:

Offer More Training Programs – My friend and Mentorship client offers a running club that his bootcampers can join (for a fee) on their non-camp days.  You could offer something like this or a different type of class that compliments your main program.  Another friend and coaching client, Bob McEnaney, increased his personal training profits by creating a group cycling program because he is an avid cyclist .  Group interval training is an easy option you could add.  Just pick something that your clients would be interested in and that compliments what they are already doing.

Offer A Kitchen Makeover – Instead of just educating clients on proper nutrition, charge a fee to go to a client’s home, clean out the kitchen and restock it with supportive food and supplements.  You’re eliminating all the guesswork for them and increasing the likelihood for their success.

Offer Meal Plans – This is the easiest of the bunch and can provide substantial back end profits.

You can sell or give (if you want to build it into your program to add value) clients something as simple as a 7-14 day cleanse-type program to get clients off on the right foot or something as elaborate as a complete meal plan collection for each month.

Imagine how much easier you’re making your client’s lives (and likelihood of getting great results) if you provide meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and their recommended supplement program.

In fact, that’s an easy way to make offering meal plans much more lucrative for you: build recommended supplementation into the meal plans. If you ever saw the recommended meal plans in the bestseller Body For Life, they integrated meal replacement shakes and various other supplements – not coincidentally all from the EAS product line.

Think it sold some product for them;)

If you offer Prograde this is a no brainer to increase your personal training profits.

Offer Information Products – This past week Holly launched her new Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Kit, which is a follow-along collection of DVDs and other Done For You components designed to make following her Fit Yummy Mummy program as easy as possible.

The incredibly popular P90X program is another example of how well received follow along workouts are.  People don’t want to learn about the ‘whys’ – they just want to be told what to do.

You could offer something to your current clients or campers that compliments what they do with you – or you could do what Bootcamp Guru BJ Gaddour has done and develop a ‘Bootcamp To Go’ for the people that want to work with you but may not be able to afford the in-person offerings or might live to far away to participate.

Basically, there are a lot of different ingredients that go into your clients (and potential clients) fitness regimen.  The more of them that you can address with a Done For You solution the happier your clients will be – and the more they’ll be willing to pay.

Dedicated to your success,

Pat Rigsby

Pat Rigsby is a Co-Owner of the International Youth Conditioning Association & the youth fitness franchise Athletic Revolution as well as a fitness industry consultant serving thousands of personal trainers and fitness entrepreneurs. Sign up for his fitness business free newsletter to discover proven marketing, sales and business strategies, along with blog updates, news, and more! While you’re at it, follow him on Twitter.

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