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The Critical Factors For Personal Training Sales

When it comes to personal training sales, these are a number of things that can help you achieve success – but there are a handful of concepts that are critical if you’re going to make the most of your sales efforts:

1. Try To Sell To Only Those People Predisposed To Doing Business With You

One of the biggest mistakes we see fitness pros make in personal training sales is assuming everyone is a prospect.  You can avoid this by doing several things:

  • Using Direct Response Marketing – Offer a free report or something similar on your site, in your ads or even on your business card to get people who are interested to ‘raise their hands’ and let you know they at least have mild interest in what you offer.
  • Find A Niche – By doing this you are already targeting a specific market and positioning yourself as the fitness resource for their specific wants and needs.
  • Focus on Referrals – Referrals are pre-sold on what you have to offer and usually provide little if any sales resistance.
  • Sell More to Your Existing Clients – If someone has already said yes once, they are far more likely to say yes again provided you haven’t given them a reason to do otherwise.


2. Become an Expert

I really doubt that Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, Bill Hartman, Tyler English or Ryan Ketchum would get a lot of resistance from a prospect – regardless of their fees.  You can position yourself as an expert by doing more public speaking, writing more articles, releasing a book (even if it’s self published) and doing more publicity work.

3. Use Testimonials

If you ever had a doubt about the value of testimonials, the success of things like P90X and Nutri Systems should have eliminated it.  Every piece of marketing material should use them.  You should have a ‘wall of fame’ at your office or studio.  You should have testimonials on your website and you should make before and after pictures a condition of doing business with you.  Why try and beat yourself up trying to convince someone that you can get them where they want to go when you have a ton of clients that can do it for you? It is cliché but “A picture is worth a thousand words.” A lesson that will make personal training sales much easier.

4. Building Value

What is value? If your goal as a fitness professional is to deliver great value, you must first have an understanding of how value is measured and what constitutes good and poor value in the eyes of the potential client, right?

How, exactly, is value perceived and measured? Having researched this question for a while, I think I have a definition: Value: in the eyes of the potential client, is simply the difference between the anticipated price and the actual price.

If the price anticipated in the potential client’s mind is higher than the price of the service or product, the customer perceives it to be a good value: “I would have thought it more expensive!” Yet if the asking price is higher than the anticipated price, the potential client perceives the value to be poor: “This is highway robbery!”

The secret, then, is to control the anticipated price.

5. Eliminating The Risk

The thought of “giving away” or discounting your services to get people in the door may drive many of you crazy.  I hear it all the time: “It will de-value what I offer.”  Well, let’s look at this a little closer.  If you’ve embraced the concept of 6 or 12 month programs, you are asking the prospect to commit to you for up to an entire year’s worth of training (and payments.)  To me, that’s a significant purchase.  If you go to purchase a car, you test drive it, right?  If you go to Barnes & Noble, you flip through the book before you buy…and that’s $15-20.  Offering a low way risk to test drive what you offers several benefits:

  • It kills the risk for the prospect.
  • It attracts a larger number of potential clients.
  • It gives you longer to build rapport.
  • It gives you a greater opportunity to build value.


I can appreciate the people who believe that a free or discounted offer may de-value your service, but remember, roughly 86% of Americans do not belong to a health club.  You can believe that if only 14% of Americans belong to a health club, that far fewer use a personal training.  My perception is that it is our job to build value in what we do.  With so few people having experienced the value of our services, we can’t assume that everyone knows what we can truly offer.  Our job is to change that and reversing the risk is the easiest way to do that and a surefire path to personal training sales.

There are 5 critical factors for personal training sales – but there is so much more when it comes to fitness sales.  Here are some great posts to help you sell more:


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