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Personal Trainers Mindset


Personal Trainers ask yourselves..r


What if you hit the lottery?

What would be next?

You no longer work, so what do you do? How do you fill your days? The green stuff is no longer an issue, so work is optional.

It’s amazing how easily people can answer those questions when you ask it that way.

But when I ask fitness pros what they would do if their fitness business only required a fraction of their time they freak out.

I think most are scared to death of having so much time on their hands!

I think, scratch that, I KNOW a great deal of personal trainers are 100% scared to death of success.

People are addicted to their emotions the same way drug addicts can’t wait for their next fix.

What would they do without all the stress?

What would they do without all the worry over money?

What would they do if their friends and family didn’t coddle them and tell them everything is going to be ok?

There’s all sorts of head-trash most Personal Trainers need to work on, but for now just start with something simple:

Pretend you won the lottery and you never have to “work” again. How do you spend your days?

Come up with that answer and you suddenly give your sub-conscious mind a target to hit.

Life is easy, when you let it be.

Want another way to make life easy? My new Velvet Rope Referrals program is available now for a measly $37. But that price ends TOMORROW.

Who loves ya? 😉

Yours in prosperity,

Jim Labadie


‘I’ll make this as simple as possible: Using what I learned in Kit I made $10,000 in 6 hours!!’

Ken Roetman

Boca Raton, FL


“I will tell you that the principles taught in your products have pushed my facility’s personal training department revenue to a 100% increase over last year! Two months ago, we had a one month record. Last month, we set another one month record. That’s impressive.

But more impressive than that, it’s a department, not one person! So it works with male trainers with male clients, with female trainers with female clients, with male trainers with female clients, with…well you get the picture. It works with all combinations.”

Jeffrey Keller



“It’s quite possible I’ve got more qualifications than anyone else in my field. Seriously, I’ve got more letters after my name than I have in my name! However, I’m going to let you in on the horrible truth…there is no relationship between being technically good or skilled at what you do and getting paid.

Jim Labadie is THE MASTER and he has solved that problem. The Ultimate Sales Kit for Fitness Professionals is almost as good as having Jim as your own personal sales staff. Within days of listening to the CD’s you’ll have, at the least, doubled your investment.

BOTTOM LINE: If you don’t have this kit in your arsenal, you better pray your competition doesn’t. It’s that powerful.”

Alwyn Cosgrove


“Even though I have not mastered the teachings of Jim’s Sales Kit and am very rusty, it works. I have messed up , bumbled, fumbled and still have gotten clients!

This system works even better with athletes and actually fits my style of thinking. As a professional athlete, I was extremely dedicated and focused. I expect no less from everyone else. I have made my mind up to train those type of people only. And if they are not with my “game plan” then, they are not a good fit for our program.

Not only has this system help increase our business, but has helped us save time.”

Val Whiting

Wilmington, DE

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