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Public Speaking For Personal Trainers

Here’s a question for you?

When your prospects are looking to get in shape or lose weight, are they usually an expert in this and just looking for someone to help them along or are they typically misinformed or lacking expertise?

The second one, right?

That’s where public speaking can become your greatest sales tool.

You can educate your market on why you’re the best solution for their fitness needs.  It should go something like this:

You start by tailoring the title of your talks to get the attention and interest of the group you’re speaking to while also being certain not to make it seem like a sales pitch.  If you were doing public speaking to a group of business owners and selling corporate fitness maybe something like ‘The 5 Ways An Unhealthy Workforce Is Killing Your Bottom Line” or if you were speaking to a group of moms maybe “The 3 Things That Prevent Moms From Losing The Baby Weight”.  I’m sure you can come up with better ‘hooks’ but you get the picture.

So how do you get public speaking opportunities to deliver this talk?

Well, the first place to start is with your own personal network.

Go to the people you know and tell them that you’re getting ready to do some public speaking to groups in the area as part of your mission to help your local community fit.  Before you go to other groups in the area you want to help out the organizations that your clients / friends are part of.  Let them know that you’re wiling to deliver it to businesses in a Lunch and Learn or to groups in a short 15-20 minute presentation.

You’ll get a few leads from your network.  Follow up on them and lock in your first couple of talks.  Every talk you do, ask the organizer to give you a testimonial and refer more people to you than might be interested the material you share.  You should have no trouble getting a couple of talks every month.

Then you deliver your talk.  Let the attendees know the problems.  Back them up with some data or stories (better than data) to build the problem.  Then do some education that builds value in what you do and how you can help.

Close with a soft sell that really builds value in the power of your solution and then offer some really low risk way to try our what you do.

Let’s look at all the ways public speaking works to position you as the best solution:

  1. It is a very low risk way for people to learn about you.  They don’t have to come to you and actually do any work (yet.)
  2. It enables you to network with multiple people at once and build value in what you do.
  3. It positions you as an expert and separates you from the sales reps at the local health clubs and other trainers in the area.
  4. You can back up what you do with stories or data that give your program more credibility.
  5. You can tactfully discredit your inferior competitors through the education you provide.  For example, if you’re doing assessments for your bootcamp and no one else is – you can discuss how not doing assessments holds people back from getting results.
  6. Not only will this convert more leads, but it will also build better long term clients. The more then understand the difference in what you do, the less likely they are to ever leave.
  7. Reciprocity – you give good value and people are compelled to reciprocate.
  8. You can develop your talk to build value in longer term programming rather than quick fixes and build more value in 6 and 12 month programs.
  9. It easily transitions to the audience taking the next step with you.  You thank them for being part of the talk give them a special offer to continue on and build on what you covered.  A free two week trial or a discounted 21 day or 1 month membership are good options to offer.
  10. Even if they don’t take you up on your offer initially, they’re added to your list and you can continue to market to them long term.

Public speaking is the ultimate differentiator for you.  You’re positioned as the expert, you create educated prospects and you leverage your time by reaching multiple people at once.  Best of all – your competitors won’t do it.  Most are afraid of public speaking.  Very few are willing to do the work.  Use this to your advantage and use speaking to build your business.


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