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Fitness Marketing Tactics Rapid Fire – Part 2

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Fitness Marketing Tactics

Leveraging Facebook to Strengthen Rapport and Build Awareness by Joe Carabase


3 “Musts” with Facebook

1. Leverage your general/personal Facebook page

    • Be yourself! Trying to be anything else is a turn off
    • Post something once a day or at least every other day
    • Friend all clients
    • Position yourself as a fitness expert; give free content, talk about what you are doing with your fitness business. Perception is reality

  • Teach clients how to “check in,” remind them to and reward them
  • Respond to every post with a  comment or “like”
  • Tell clients you will be posting videos/pictures and tag them. Make sure you let them know how these visuals will encourage others to change their life
  • Get clients to become “foot soldiers,” for specials you are running. Get them to post specials/deal you are running on their facebook pages. Give them done for you posts and make sure to reward them!
  • Post testimonials or “thank you,” emails on your facebook page- make sure to ask permission if you use a name or face
  • Acknowledge clients when they do something great at bootcamp or even if it’s something in their personal life


2. Create a Fitness Business Facebook page

  • Use a cool profile picture – not you flexing! Hire a graphic designer to create an image with your testimonials, action shots of bootcamp or just something cool that represents your company
  • Invite all friends to “like” your page. Don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Give the page a user name e.g www.facebook/meltfitness. Have this user name on all marketing material both on and offline. You can do this in your account settings
  • Upload pictures and videos weekly
  • Have your location and phone number accessible
  • Offer a description of your company
  • Post daily about bootcamp (before and after each workout), events, client’s milestones, new equipment etc…


3. Use Facebook Ads

  • Don’t worry if you have no clue about online ads – just do it and learn as you go
  • Be specific with the demographics. Literally use your current clientele’s ages, interests, locations, educations etc,.
  • Link the ad to your facebook page, not your website. Make sure to have an offer to “like,” your page
  • Create an attractive headline, give an compelling offer
  • Find a picture that connects with your clientele and test it. If it’s not getting impressions or  clicks, try another
  • Run multiple ads at once with different copy and use different images to test what works best
  • Set a budget of $20 per day
  • Understand ahead of time that you WILL be spending hundreds of dollars on this upfront. But spending hundreds to get thousands is a pretty dam good ROI!
  • Track the cost per lead.  Create ad. Track. Test. Change – rinse and repeat!


Do not:

  • Allow clients/professionals access to photos that are unprofessional and/or inappropriate (not that they should be online!)
  • Post strong religious/gender specific/political/racial/offensive status updates or wall posts
  • Put up generic “great workout Bill” posts to all clients. Pick something specific about them or their workout and make them feel amazing
  • Overly promote yourself. Be sincere first
  • Tag photos/videos without telling the clients ahead of time
  • Position yourself as overly cocky or annoying
  • Hire ghost writers – it’s lame and easy to notice
  • Don’t creep, you know what I mean
  • Ask yourself before every post, message and picture you put on facebook “is this something I want my clients/family to see?”


Joe is a Member of our Elite Mastermind and a Fitness Revolution Franchisee.  You can learn more about Joe’s business, Melt Fitness, here:


Referral Programs – Over 235 and Growing, Want to Know How… By Trevor Buccieri

Referral Programs have been one of the key fitness marketing tactics. We have quite a few different ones that we run and will go through them in detail below. We see an average growth of 25 new campers each month and 80% of them are from referrals. Obviously the product has to rock in order for this marketing scheme to work.  So first things first, check your program, are you doing everything that you can possibly do to make it the best product around?

Are you doing everything you can to promote the results of your campers, both in house and outside marketing? Knowledge is power, people love to see results and this will drive them. Another key I have found is paying special attention to your campers.  This goes for both new and older clients who have been here for a while.

We have a typical membership length of at least 6 months, but most are lifers. There is a reason for this.  The reason?  Because they are also your best form of marketing.  If someone is willing to commit between $150 and $200 per month and at least 2-3 days of their week to you, then they truly love and believe in the program.  They absolutely will talk about it whether you give them incentive to or not… so why not??? Here are a few of the programs we run:

1. Our basic Referral Program:

  • Give us a list of 5 names with emails or phone numbers, get a B&S T-Shirt
  • For every two week free member you refer to the program, $5 cash
  • If that member decides to sign up with a three month or longer contract referral is now worth $50 Cash or Credit
  • Simple as that, track it in a simple excel spreadsheet so you can see how much $ is going out, return is well worth it!! Send a card to each member for their referral with a personal signature from Owner thanking them for their support of the program


2. Bring a Buddy Day:

We run this once a month, on the last Saturday of each cycle before recovery week. We used to only have it at one of the sessions but because of the popularity, we now offer buddies to come at any of our Saturday sessions.  If the buddy signs up, our basic referral system is still in effect!


  • Must pre register buddies (usually have a sign up sheet in studio or take them by phone or email as well)
  • Each buddy that comes, that camper receives $10 Cash that day for bringing that person in, regardless of whether or not they sign.

Day of:

  • As each buddy comes in we have them fill out an enrollment form so we have their info and sign a release.
  • At the end of each session, a special deal is offered to the buddies for the day, changes each month.

Today we have a very special offer for you.  We offer a 2 free week membership for all to try out our camps.  If you already feel this is the right place for you to achieve your goals, you can trade in that 2 weeks for AN ENTIRE MONTH FREE.  THIS IS A SAVINGS OF OVER $100.  It’s our way of saying thanks for coming to us to achieve your fitness goals.  All you need to do is enroll in our 3, 6 or 12 month program today to receive this offer.  If you’re not ready to enroll yet, no worries.  You are still totally eligible to take advantage or our 2 FREE WEEK offer so you can keep moving forward towards your goals and decide if we’re the right fit for you!


All buddies are added to an email list to follow up with, usually first with a personal call, then with a sequence of emails offering them special deals to come in.

Marketing Scheme:

  • Email Blast
  • In House Flyers
  • On Website
  • Announcements


3. Bring a Buddy Month

We run this program 2-3 times per year, runs basically the same as BAB day, just for the entire month, we also offer prizes for the members who bring in the most buddies for the month, the last prize was an Apple IPAD. If the buddy signs up, our basic referral system is still in effect!

Fitness Marketing Tactics:

  • Email Blast
  • In House Flyers
  • On Website
  • Announcements


4. Monthly Based Referral Program

Only run this as a filler during non popular times, basically follow this rule:

  • If you refer 5 or more members within this cycle, you will receive 3 Months of dues for free.

Marketing Scheme:

  • Usually sent through an email, and announcements.


5. Month Giveaway Referral Email To Clients

If you want to maximize the referrals your clients send you, you need to make it easy for them.

It doesn’t get much easier than this.


  1. You gift your clients each two 1 Month Memberships to share with their friends
  2. You provide them with an email to send to friends of theirs that they think would enjoy the Memberships.
  3. If the friend joins as a paying member after the gift membership is up, you reward the referrer.


Trevor is a Member of our Elite Mastermind. You can learn more about Trevor’s business, Body & Soul Bootcamp, here:


Selling Your Boot Camp Event to the Minor Leagues by Matt Jennings


1. Contact the ticket sales manager and explain how your boot camps can help them sell tickets to a home game AND raise money for a local charity. We chose the Special Olympics which the Blue Claws happened to be a charity sponsor of as well.

2. The organization is going to dig the idea of your boot camp event because:

  • You are going to help them sell more tix
  • Your event will raise awareness and $ for a local charity
  • BONUS: You are going to walk away a boot camp “rock star” with a STRONG list of
    new member prospects

3. Once you have agreement in place come up with name for the event. We named ours “Stepping Up To the Plate”…

4. Have their PR/Marketing department design and PDF the registration flyer (I have an example flyer)

5. Once flyer is done have them email to you.

6. Send the flyer PDF to Chamber of Commerce to put on their site.

7. Put PDF on your website and in newsletter…

8. Run off copies to hand out to members, local businesses you have JV’d with,  neighbors, family, friends… freakin’ ANYONE who is upright with a pulse!


2-3 Weeks out

9. Post event on your facebook page and send reminder texts and emails to ALL of your lists making sure that they have sent in their checks and registration forms. Also, tell them that there are door prizes (T-Shirts, water bottles, jump ropes… )
and a GRAND PRIZE raffle off of a 3-6 month boot camp membership. (I will give details in group)

10. Stay in contact with sales manager to make sure tix sales are crankin’

11. Remember to send a press release out about 1-2 weeks before event

12. Make sure you have workout and music ready to go. We used BJ’s Workout Muse 65/15 track along with a 10 station bodyweight workout. (3 Rounds with L-I, L-II, L-III progressions.)


1 Week out

Visit facility and meet with audio tech so you can do a sound check and get a feel for the area where you will be holding the boot camp.


Day of Event

Today you are a swashbuckling boot camp superstar! Get to field early. Have staff set up table. Once people start showing up greet them with a BIG SMILIN’- HIGH 5’N- THANKS FOR COMING.

Remember they are there for your BIG SHOW… So, GO BIG and make the event something they will talk about for the rest of the year.

Matt is a Member of our Elite Mastermind and a Fitness Revolution Franchisee.  You can learn more about Matt’s business Matt Jennings Bootcamps, here:


If you haven’t seen part 1 of the Rapid Fire Fitness Marketing Tactics Series then look here.


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