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Relationship Marketing With A Fitness Newsletter


A Post About The Benefits Of A Fitness Newsletter By Pat Rigsby

With the launch of Sam’s new fitness newsletter this week, I wanted to share my thoughts on newsletters and the role they could play in your business.


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A fitness newsletter is a fantastic fitness marketing tool for building relationships.  It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about developing relationships with people you just met through networking or cultivating relationships with the clients you currently have – a newsletter is a must have part of your marketing arsenal. In short, a fitness newsletter:

  • Is a perfect way to build value in your expertise for members of your network.
  • Allows you to stay connected with your current clients outside of their sessions.
  • Is a great way to educate your network in the different things you offer and share new offerings with your client base.
  • Is a simple way to increase referrals.

How does a fitness newsletter build value in your expertise?

By delivering consistently solid information into your network’s inbox each week you can become the trusted expert in their eyes.  For non-clients, you can become the person that they look to for sound advice and lean on when they decide to invest in their health and fitness.

It also keeps you at the top of their mind so that when fitness related topics or opportunities arise, you’re the first person they think of.

If you deliver quality information on a consistent basis – you’ll soon be seen as the expert.

How does staying in contact with your current clients through fitness newsletter benefit you?

There are a few ways, for example:

  • You can educate them on topics that you don’t have time to cover in sessions or in camp.
  • You can add one additional ‘touch’ per week – a critical thing for group training based businesses.
  • You can offer public recognition for everything from goals achieved to referrals given.
  • You can help keep clients compliant by staying in front of them outside of sessions.

If you’re providing good information, there is zero downside to contacting your current clients outside of sessions – and having something that you can do on a consistent basis will pay dividends fast.\

How can a fitness newsletter make you more money?

That’s the big question, right?  Here are a few ways that sending a weekly newsletter will increase your bottom line:

  • You can stay in front of your prospects so that you’re basically soft selling them into becoming clients.  Remember – when someone opts into your list or you add them to your network, they may not be ready to come on board as a client… yet.  By positioning yourself as an expert that they can trust – they eventually will.
  • You can ask for referrals from your current clients through the newsletter and highlight those who have recently referred to you.
  • You can sell solutions like Personal Trainer Foods or Prograde.
  • You can announce new programs that you’re offering.
  • You can announce things like your interest in public speaking or running corporate programs to your entire network at once.
  • You will enhance retention.
  • You can be affiliates for infoproducts or sell tools like bands or foam rollers without inventorying them.

Basically, your newsletter can help you get more clients, help you generate more revenue per client and help you keep those clients longer.  The only 3 ways that you can grow your business.

Why is a fitness newsletter a such a powerful marketing tool?

Your newsletter is very targeted marketing that does not feel like marketing to your clients and prospects. For them it is a value added service that they don’t have to pay for. Every week you are demonstrating the range of your vast knowledge and expertise. Your newsletter shows people how much you care. It offers you the way to keep them informed of every single service, offer, and news worthy item, every single week.

Pretty powerful, right?

Should I use a pre-made fitness newsletter like Sam’s?

Another big question.

In my mind, the answer is ‘no’ if:

  • You love to write and you’re consistent about writing your newsletters on a weekly basis.
  • You have ample time to write the caliber of newsletters that you want to deliver.


In my mind, the answer is ‘yes’ if:

  • You want to automate a key component of your marketing efforts.
  • You like ‘done for you.’
  • Don’t love to write.
  • Want to spend your time in other areas of your business – or want more free time for yourself.

If you do use a done for you solution, I think that the quality of content is key.  If you want to position yourself as an expert, then the newsletters have to be top notch.

As far as quality of content goes when it comes to the done for you newsletters out there, Sam’s is the only one I’ll vouch for.  There are a couple others that I’ve seen and don’t think are at the level you’d want to reflect you – and there are others that I’ve yet to see so I can’t share any opinion on at this point.

At this point, it’s pretty obvious that I’m a fan of newsletters.  Considering that I write one pretty much daily I should be, right?  We’ve actually worked on providing our own newsletter solution for quite some time but could never get the software or the overall product up to the level we felt was necessary to deliver to the market – and with the rapid growth of Fitness Revolution it just hasn’t been able to be our top priority.  So when we found out that Sam would be releasing a high quality solution that was up to the standards we were comfortable recommending – needless to say, we were thrilled.

So no matter what – hopefully you’ve seen the incredible value in delivering a weekly fitness newsletter.

Whether you take on the responsibility of creating one yourself or using a done for you solution – it’s a must.  And if you choose to use a done for you solution, this in the one we recommend:

Super Trainer Formula (Launches Tuesday at Noon)


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