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Fitness Business Success Made Simple


Simplified Fitness Business Success. A post by Pat Rigsby


Last week I had two different fitness business owners in for private coaching days.  One came all the way from Texas while the other traveled in from Idaho – both obviously committed to growing their already successful businesses.

Both of these guys were already poised to do six-figures in 2011, but both being driven entrepreneurs – they wanted to achieve even more and were looking for strategies, systems and tactics to help them get there.

While I obviously can’t divulge the details of what we covered in their coaching sessions, in both cases the focus was simplicity.

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Warren Buffet is fond of saying things like this:

“To the extent that we’ve been successful, it’s because we concentrated on identifying one-foot hurdles that we could step over rather than because we acquired the ability to clear seven-footers.  That may seem unfair, but in business it is usually far more profitable to simply stick with the easy and obvious than it is to resolve the difficult.”



And Jack Welch said:

“You can’t believe how hard it is for people to be simple, how much they fear being simple.  They worry that if they’re simple, people will think they’re simple minded.  In reality, of course, it’s just the reverse. Clear, tough-minded people are the most simple and the most successful.”

If simple works for the 2nd richest man in the U.S. and the man that’s often regarded as the top CEO of the 20th Century – it’s certainly good enough for me too.

So when I say the focus was simplicity – these are the types of things that I’m taking about:

  • If you have success with a particular fitness marketing strategy, the simplest way to have more success is to find ways to improve on or compound that strategy – not seek out a completely different strategy.  What works, works.
  • The easiest lead sources are the people you already know.  Referrals from your clients.  Members of your network. Don’t start chasing people that you have no connection to until you’ve worked to maximize these two groups first.
  • In fact, virtually all of our Mastermind Members’ top source for new clients is referrals – so start there.
  • The easiest way to add additional revenue is to sell more to existing clients.  They already trust you and already invest in what you offer.  Add other things that will help them reach their goals faster.  Supplements, Nutrition Coaching, Workshops and more access to you are all simple add-ons.
  • If you run youth programs and want to add a profit center – launch an adult program and start with the parents of your current clients.  If you run adult programs and want to launch a youth program – start with your client’s kids.
  • If you don’t have a system for converting leads into clients and you’re not tracking that system – then you probably should worry about that before you worry about getting more leads.
  • I’d bet that within your personal network there are potentially dozens of untapped clients, a direct contact or a connector to any business or organization you wanted to speak to, work with or serve and easily six-figures worth of unclaimed opportunity – but 95% of fitness professionals have never documented their network and do very little to cultivate it.
  • If all you did was add 2 people to your personal network every day, made sure to cultivate those relationships and worked to position yourself as a go to fitness resource to those people you could probably ignore every other form of marketing except for possibly referrals and build a very, very successful fitness business.
  • If you spent time focusing on what I call ‘hitting singles’ – just consistent action with simple strategies – you’d have 10X the success of those folks waiting around for the next big thing that will be their ‘home run.’
  • The things that our most successful students do that sets them apart:
    1. They’re great trainers / coaches
    2. They market daily
    3. They relentlessly take action
    4. They have multiple streams of income
    5. They focus on getting better


There is nothing magic but those 5 things have built them all multiple 6 figure fitness businesses.  Seems to be working.

There are other things that I could touch on – but it really boils down to not overcomplicating things.  Deliver a great service and expose a lot of people to it. Follow these tips I’ve shared.  Do what our top achievers do.  It’s pretty simple – and simple works.

Tell me what you think below.


Dedicated to your success,



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